The 2007 ‘Ghetto Obama’ Speech

The whole 40 minute speech, courtesy of the Daily Caller…

(Link in case the embed won’t load)

A couple of takeaways.

First, nice accent. Where did Obama get that accent? Did he get it in Indonesia when he was a little kid? Did Lolo Soetero speak like that? Or did he learn it with his white grandparents in Hawaii? Or at the Punahou School with the Choom Gang? Occidental? Columbia? Hah-vahd?

Second, the lies. New Orleans after Katrina got almost 10 times the amount of relief dollars that New York got after 9/11, and a great deal of it was Stafford Act-exempt. And Obama knew this in June 2007 when he gave that speech.

Furthermore, what’s with this assumption that everybody in New Orleans who was affected by Katrina was black? Lakeview, which was mostly white, was essentially cleared when the 17th Street Canal levee failed. And Metairie Club Gardens, perhaps the richest and whitest area in the whole city, took six feet of water. Those were million-dollar houses and they were ruined. Even today, not all of them have been rebuilt.

Pure demagoguery.

The clips you’ll see on TV from this aren’t all that inflammatory. There’s no red-hot smoking gun here. But if you watch the whole thing you’ll see that the speech is a narrative shot through with the central thesis that America is a fundamentally racist country in which black folks can’t get a fair shake.

It’s Frank Marshall Davis and Jeremiah Wright. It’s the anti-white, anti-colonialist mindset Dinesh D’Souza made a movie about.

Americans weren’t allowed to see this speech back in 2007. It was buried by the media, because it would have disrupted the “Obama as racial healer” meme.

It’s nice to see somebody finally got it out there.



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