The Boustany-Landry Thing Is So Messy Even The Local TV Stations Are Covered In It

Here’s the latest on this Pamphletgate business in the 3rd District congressional race…

The Boustany campaign is certainly making a big deal about Pamphletgate (the background on which can be found here). The campaign’s blog at had this screed on Thursday…

We’ve written previously about the outrageous campaign literature polluting South Louisiana with blatant lies contained throughout. Earlier this week, Dr. Boustany wrote a letter to the Jeff Landry-FreedomWorks campaign demanding answers about this false propaganda. Dr. Boustany’s multiple inquiries on behalf of Louisiana voters to the Jeff Landry Team have gone unanswered – showing the Landry campaign’s blatant disregard for the hard-working families of South Louisiana.

By now it’s become clear that Jeff Landry cares much more about his own self-preservation as a Washington insider than pesky obligations to his constituents or to the truth. Landry thinks he shouldn’t be held accountable for his actions – missing 107 votes but demanding pay for his days off, and lying to South Louisiana families while letting his cronies take the heat for it.

Here in South Louisiana, we know better than anyone that talk is cheapActions speak louder than words – and by their actions, the Jeff Landry-FreedomWorks campaign think they can lie to the hard-working families of South Louisiana while running away with the election. It’s up to all of us to see through the Jeff Landry’s deceptions to find the truth. Let’s send Jeff Landry a message on November 6: we won’t let you fly in Washington special interests to our home, lie, cheat and steal along the way, and get away with it.

On Wednesday, the long-awaited Landry-Boustany debate on live radio will commence. It airs at KPEL, 96.5 FM in Lafayette, at 5 p.m. You can send in questions to be asked at the debate by clicking here.

UPDATE: And now KATC-TV is taking a poke at the Boustany campaign for its new TV ad on Pamphletgate…

KATC has sent a cease and desist letter to the Boustany camp to immediately pull the ad. The orignial story we aired was about a brochure distributed by the Lafayette Tea Party which had false information regarding Dr. Boustany.

In the story KATC was clear that Jeff Landry’s campaign had nothing to do with the brochure, however, in Boustany’s new ad, he blames Landry for the mis-information.

KATC has asked the campaign to remove the footage. It is the station’s belief that using it violates the communications act and is copyright infringement.

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