The Vice Presidential Debate

All I can come up with is a verse from Proverbs, 29:9.

If a wise man goes to court with a fool, the fool rages and scoffs, and there is no peace.

Joe Biden is the least professional individual who has ever attained national elected office.

The mugging, the smirking, the laughing, the sneering while Ryan was giving his answers: he came off as a baboon.

It was even more boorish and obscene than when Al Gore invaded George W. Bush’s personal space in that 2000 debate.

Chris Wallace says it was the most openly disrespectful performance by one candidate to another since he’s been watching presidential and vice-presidential debates in 1960.

(Link, just in case)

Charles Krauthammer said of the debate that if you read the transcript you’d call it even, if you heard it on radio you’d say Biden won. But if you watched it on TV you’d think Biden lost.

MSNBC’s insta-poll results: Ryan 51, Biden 43.

CNBC’s insta-poll results: Ryan 56, Biden 36.

How did Ryan do?

He was OK.

He landed the punches he needed to. He mentioned that they’ve given Biden two things to do since he’s been the VP. First, they put him in charge of the stimulus, and second, they asked him to negotiate the status-of-forces agreement in Iraq. He failed – miserably – at both.

Biden tried to defend his management of that stimulus plan, and what he said was gobbledygook. Biden said there’s no evidence of cronyism in that stimulus package – as though Solyndra, Abound Solar and the rest weren’t crony deals.

And on the status-of-forces agreement, most people might not understand what that means. But on the second time Ryan brought it up, he noted that Iran is flying planes over Iraq to Syria to supply Assad with weapons. Whether that leaves a mark or not is a good question, but it was a score.

And Ryan crushed him on taxes. Just crushed him.

Meanwhile, Biden did his usual class-warfare pandering. Blah, blah, blah.

But he said two things which are likely to inflame the wrong people and hurt the administration’s re-election chances.

First, on Libya, the first question of the debate, he flat-out lied and said the intelligence community didn’t tell the White House that Benghazi was a terrorist attack. That’s provably false, and in the next couple of days it’s going to be laid out as such. But beyond that, when you so thoroughly throw those people under the bus you’re going to piss them off.

The Obama administration has had a good time with leaks of national security information. They’ve used that to make the president look like he’s had a clue on national security and foreign policy. For the next month, thanks to Biden, they’ll get to live on a knife’s edge to see whether the intel people aren’t capable of producing leaks which move the needle in the other direction. And guess what – they can.

Second, Biden spent a good bit of time touting the Afghan troops his administration is turning that war over to. Except the veterans of that war are going to be furious about that; Afghan vets generally think the locals are beyond worthless and they’re furious about the way this war has been fought. And the public only really thinks of the insider attacks when they think of the Afghan troops. It will be interesting to see what response comes out of that line.

Martha Raddatz, the ABC News foreign correspondent who moderated the debate, lived up to expectations. Namely, it was pointed out in advance that Obama attended her wedding to Julius Genachowski, his fascist FCC Commissioner (they’re now divorced) and there was an obvious conflict of interest there. And Raddatz ended up cutting Ryan off all night while allowing Biden to interrupt him at will. You can bet your bottom dollar that pattern will show up as a YouTube montage soon.

And that played into Biden’s strategy, because every time Ryan commenced to explaining anything complicated, Biden immediately began interrupting him. The RNC counted 82 of those interruptions in 90 minutes. That was David Axelrod at work, and it’s without question Axelrod’s contribution to Biden’s debate preparations.

Thug politics, which is of course Axelrod’s specialty.

The interruptions put Ryan in a difficult situation and he handled them the best way he could; you really don’t want to raise your voice to your debate opponent, and furthermore you really don’t want to say anything grossly disrespectful to the Vice President of the United States of America.

And had Biden not come off as such an unprofessional Neanderthal political hack, it might have been enough to win him the debate.

But because Biden is a buffoon, he wasn’t able to carry off Axelrod’s instructions without overdoing it and mucking it up.

Which is what everybody is going to remember from this debate.

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