A Bully At The Trough

What has a florid complexion, a set of pointy ears, beady eyes, a snout and wallows in a muddy sty while bullying others in his company to get the most food for himself? Take a minute. Think you’ve figured it out?

The answer is: Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO. You thought I was thinking of a pig didn’t you? To do so is a disservice to cartoon characters across the world and pigs specifically. Trumka’s been bumping his gums proclaiming and (in thinly veiled speech) placed his stooge Beaurat Obama on notice the unions expect him to cater to their future demands.

Listening to Trumka is more aggravating than listening to badly dubbed, babbling speeches from the frothing lips of Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky. The main difference was Lenin and Trotsky were new and fresh voices on a volatile political canvas. Lenin and his ilk expected to fundamentally change the fabric of that Russian Canvas to reflect the vision of the people being more in charge than the evil political powers running roughshod over the downtrodden masses.

Sound familiar: “Hope and Change” now proving itself more like a dog with mange?

Where Lenin and the October Revolutionists were the then vibrant colors dazzling the people with the power and fury of their ardor they never saw the fallacy of a classless society. They expected to be a true solution to an existent problem. They believed they’d resolve issues and empower people.

Trumka is more akin to spilled mustard on a new white suit. All you get in protest is a demand of the dry cleaner to get the stain out or expect to buy a new suit. In other words “I expect you to clean up my mess or I’ll make you miserable”. That’s the unionist stance and posture on every problem. While it’s true Trumka and his thugs put out a Herculean effort to get out the vote for Obama, it didn’t put out a truly representative statement of what Americans want from government.

Trumka didn’t say he wanted a tit-for-tat pay-off for services rendered, but the old prostitute does demand pay for services rendered. The only problem is determining which of the two parties the street-walker is and which is the John. It doesn’t matter. As long as unionists like Trumka are demanding governmentally assured higher wages wrung from the industries they attack with work slow-downs and stoppages unless they get their way; Americans will be the ones getting screwed.

Trumka is as described above, a bully trying to push all others away from the trough so he and his alone can subsist and thrive. To hell with anybody else not paying union dues or kissing his backside as he walks away with his ill-gotten gains in his pocket. Either pay up or don’t bother to show up at a work-site. How’s that for expanding the work-force and representing the “working people”. I guess it all depends on the size of your dues and the salary pulled from those union coffers by thugs like Trumka.

People like Trumka use terrorism as an actively manipulated tool to get their way. Terrorism can be benign, like a lie spoken to insinuate a fear into the heart of a worker. “You’ll never get a raise without us representing you.” This then moves upward to bigger lies like: “If General Motors files for bankruptcy they’ll shut down the plants and the country will dive into a depression.” Facts are never necessary for people like Trumka. Facts get in the way and suffer because they must be explained to the rank and file. Facts can be checked intellectually. Lies, deceits, slurs and flagrant inaccuracies only need inflame emotions and prey on people’s inexperience and unawareness of what is real and has integrity.

But Trumka need not worry about that last word: integrity. He never had any to place in jeopardy or to question the depth of at times. The truth be known; his depth of integrity and honesty in his dealings with American workers and America in general wouldn’t flood an ant in the bottom of a muddy footprint.

Thanks for listening.

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