The Dumbest Guy In Congress Makes Headlines Again

The title, amid major competition, goes to Hank Johnson of Georgia, and he proved his mettle once again by attacking the majority in the House of Representatives as racists for passing a bill to give more immigration visas to high-skill workers.

Because recruiting smart people who know how to do things means more white folks get to come, see.

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) on Friday said a Republican bill that would change the visa program raises the “ugly head of racism,” and charged that the legislation would have the effect of shutting out various racial groups from access to U.S. visas.

Johnson charged that by ending the diversity visa program and using those visas for foreign nationals with advanced degrees, the bill treats immigration as a zero-sum game that would make it harder for some countries to obtain visas.

“That is racist, if not in its intent, than certainly in its effect,” he said.
“Republicans have just received historically low votes from minorities in the past election, yet they want to create an immigration system that gives visas with one hand while taking visas away from minorities with the other,” he added. “It is a Trojan horse, and the ugly head of racism will rear its ugly head if this Trojan horse, H.R. 6429, becomes law.”

A white guy who says recalibrating immigration policy to get more skilled people makes for more white immigrations would be called a flaming racist. Hank Johnson says the same thing as the white racist, except that Hank Johnson is trashing a policy of getting good people in here specifically because he thinks too many of those good people will be white.

Which means Hank Johnson is a virulent racist.

But Hank Johnson isn’t just a racist who hates white people.

Hank Johnson is a racist who thinks black people are stupid. He’s a black guy who thinks black people don’t have the kinds of skills a skills-based immigration policy would encourage to come to America.

Or at least, people of color don’t.

Rep. Darrell Issa, one of the supporters of the bill, rightfully tore this nincompoop a brand new one for his trouble…

Johnson’s remarks prompted a sharp exchange with Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), a supporter of the bill who said he was “insulted” by Johnson’s charge. Issa asked whether Johnson was accusing Republicans of being racist.

“I’m not accusing of anybody of racism,” Johnson said. “I don’t know what is in the head of those who support this bill. But if it’s not racist in its intent, it’s certainly racist in its effect.”

Issa argued that 12,000 African citizens would be able to benefit from the STEM visa program created by the bill, and 1,500 Nigerians. The bill would create a new green card for people with degrees in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

“I must tell you, I went to college with a lot of people from around the world, and they were very diverse, and the grad students were very diverse,” Issa added. “And I’m personally insulted that anyone would use, even loosely, the term of racism as part of a statement related to merit-based advanced degrees.

“I believe the gentleman needs to go to a few college graduations and see master’s and Ph.D. candidates if he’s going to refer to this in any way as racist,” Issa said to Johnson.

Johnson went to his own graduations – his undergrad degree is from Clark Atlanta and his law degree (this blithering imbecile is a practicing lawyer!) came from Texas Southern. Whether he’s been to any others at a college whose enrollment isn’t uniformly of a particular racial makeup since he got out of school is a good question.

There are lots of good questions about Hank Johnson. The one we’d most like to have answered is how he managed to contract Hepatitis C, which is almost exclusively spread through the sharing of needles by intravenous drug users. Because we know Johnson can’t possibly be lying when he says he doesn’t shoot up. He also says he has no idea how he got the disease.

This is a member of Congress. And you wonder why we’re where we are.

UPDATE: Oh, but wait – there’s more. Johnson also wants to be able to control what you say

A Democratic representative is calling for an amendment to the United States Constitution that would allow for some legislative restriction of freedom of speech.

“We need a constitutional amendment that would allow the legislature to control the so-called free speech rights of corporations,” Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) was quoted as saying by CNS News.

He reportedly made these comments while speaking at the Annesbrooks HOA candidate Forum held last month.

In a video obtained by the website, Johnson asserts that “corporations control … patterns of thinking.”

“They control the media. They control the messages that you get,” he added. “And these folks… are setting up a scenario where they’re privatizing every aspect of our lives as we know it. So, wake up! Wake up! Let’s look at what’s happening.”

Anybody who’s ever met people in corporate communications knows those are the most risk-averse people on the planet. The idea that corporations are out there to control “patterns of thinking” – other than in the case of the corporations who run the legacy media propaganda shops, of course – could only come from a guy who thinks Guam is in danger of tipping over if we station too many Marines there.

Which is why Oscar asked that we bring this one back…

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