Did WGNO Just Capture Ghost Footage At The Myrtles?

Vanessa Bolano is a reporter for WGNO-TV, which is Channel 26 in New Orleans.

Channel 26 is the silly channel, more or less, meaning they do a lot of offbeat stuff. So of the New Orleans TV news people, WGNO would be the ones who’d send a reporter up to St. Francisville to hang around The Myrtles and look for ghosts.

Y’all know about The Myrtles, right? It’s a cool place. Swell-lookin’ old plantation house. You’d love to live there.

Except you wouldn’t. Because it’s haunted like nobody’s business.

I dunno if I believe all that business. Maybe I haven’t watched enough cable TV. I don’t go for all the Ghostbusters business.

But there are LOTS of stories about the Myrtles. Somethin’s definitely fishy about the place.

Just ask Bolano if you don’t believe it. She’ll show you this…

No, that ain’t a bug. Bugs don’t look like that.

Is it a camera trick? I dunno. It looks kinda like a clear balloon somebody let the air out of.

The ghostbuster type crowd talks about “orbs” and says they’re really ghosts. And those “orbs” are what a lot of people who claim they’ve seen ghosts at the Myrtles say they’ve seen. That looks like what they’re talkin’ about.

I dunno. You figure it out.

But on Friday, Bolano’s full “I survived my trip to the Myrtles” story runs on Channel 26.

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