Good Thing Christians Don’t Riot And Bomb Mosques…

…or else this would be considered “hate speech” and an incitement to violence, right?

Does anybody defend Christians from this kind of crap anymore?

Certainly not our president. If you responded to this Ahmad Al-Baghdadi Al-Hassani character with, say, a YouTube that questions the legitimacy of Islam, what you’d get for your trouble is a Muslim riot somewhere – and then the U.S. Department of Justice combing through the files with something to charge you for as every official in the American government then openly blames you for whatever foreign policy problems might come down the pike by the next anniversary of September 11.

So Christians should just take it.

Or in places like Egypt or Iraq, they should just convert to Islam or watch their wives and daughters be raped while their church gets burned to the ground…maybe with them in it.

Are American Muslims grateful that they’re not treated the way Muslims treat Christians in the Islamic world? Are European Muslims the least bit concerned that European Christians (or post-Christians, as the case may be) aren’t put off by televised statements like Al-Hassani’s enough to decide it’s time to embark on a full rollback of their multiculturalist policies in favor of…something else?

And does Al-Hassani even think about such things before he blows out his flatulent, riotous incitements to the Muslim rabble?

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