Over the past weekend John Boehner decided he wanted to appease Beaurat Obama by sacrificing the young, combatant, immature lion cubs associated with the Tea Party. He fired Representatives Tim Huelskamp of Kansas and Justin Amash of Michigan from their positions on the House Budget and Agriculture Committees. This should signal the Tea Party Boehner cherishes the title of RINO (Republican In Name Only). The problem is RHINOs in the wild are very myopic and can’t see what’s going on around them.

There were signs the man was an idiot but now we understand he’s not as dumb as he appeared. He’s way dumber than was ever thought possible. It’s true he holds vast powers in the Republican Party. He can command and bully younger Representatives behind the scenes. He doesn’t really understand the message he’s sending to concerned conservatives got him elected. This action may not allow for us to have the wool so easily pulled over our eyes.

It seems these two gentlemen are as conservative as anybody can get short of demanding the head of Pancho Villa for transgressions in the early 20th century. They’re readily recognized as “Tea Party” conservatives and voted against Boehner’s wishes during last year’s incredibly serendipitous assent to raise the Debt Ceiling. They regularly stand in opposition to new taxes and giving a millimeter to Obama and the Democrats on fiscal negotiations.

Now, Boehner’s blatantly caving to Obama and his cabal of spendthrift co-conspirators in the Congress. Boehner needs compliant widgets willing to go along with anything he says. Boehner is more a dog and pony man than a director of productions enriching the audience. He directs chimps and pimps but could never create a proper production of Quo Vadis because he keeps mistaking it for the Status Quo. The status quo keeps him in business and business is good as long as his efforts parallel his left wing colleagues.

You see, Boehner is a Progressive Republican. He sits somewhere right of center but no more than the thickness of a Nano-particle where it concerns the direction of this nation’s fiscal future. It remains a matter of conjecture as to whether he’s on the left side of the aisle or merely appears to be. It’s only a matter of the observer’s perspective. One thing for sure is he’s accomplished nothing in negotiations with Obama. It’s like he’s the maître d’ getting slipped a hundred to find the formerly non-existent table for an important patron. The result is Obama always gets what he wants.

Tea Party candidates elected to Congress started circulating fresh air into the stuffy chambers of the House of Representatives. They started re-circulating the resident hot air and began removing the accepted musty aroma of decaying morals and self-serving inertia. Things began to happen. Obvious, visible, vocal and refusing to accept the formerly sacrosanct seating at the back of the bus ALL new congressmen were expected to assume, they made waves in a formerly calm and dull legislative body. It began looking like Congress might actually get something done FOR the people.

But as seen, no member of the choir may challenge the choir master to sing a deviate selection of the Missae Contata, (high requiem mass chorale). That’s because traditionalists like Boehner demand obedience and strict conformity from their underlings. That’s the reason nothing gets done in Congress. Now, because of this obviously punitive action, we understand Republican Party “leaders” are no more Conservative than the Liberal gentry befouling the seats of the left.

Because the Republican Party has proven they have NO specific game plan or platform to allow dominance over the opposition, they’ve become like hyenas. They lost the presidency. They couldn’t gain seats in the Senate, so they started downing the less established in their own party. They pack together and start feeding on their own rather than learn new strategies for the hunt. It’s easier to intimidate, kill and consume the young rather than try to hunt efficiently and productively.

What we thought were majestic lions feeding in the shadowy depths of night are hyenas engorging themselves on their descendants they killed off so the established order may survive.

Thanks for listening.

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