SARGE: Happy Christmas!

(with apologies to John Lennon)

And so this is Christmas, And what have you done
The country’s no better, To Hawaii you’ve run.
And so this is Christmas, I hope you have fun
But for me and the country, You know we’ll have none.
A real sad Christmas, We’ll spend with a tear
It won’t be a good one, The Fiscal Cliff’s here
With Boehner and Obama, The damage’s been done.

And so this is Christmas, We know who you are
You have to come home now, you’ll come from afar
I know where you’re living, I know it quite well
The way you do business, it causes that smell.

So now we have Christmas, for those who have naught
For those who have Christmas, with riches we’ve bought
Let’s cut all the spending, let’s do what we ought
Be frugal and honest, get back to ideals
Stop spending so madly, It’s just so unreal

So here we have Christmas, No Congress on the hill
But you can bet darling, we’ll soon get the bill,
Cause the man’s in Hawaii and doesn’t care still

So have a good Christmas, ‘cause Congress don’t care
They vote party line now, ‘cause they simply don’t dare
To challenge the system, where right’s gone so long
They surely get theirs love, we’re used all along

I wish you good Christmas, you and I care
But to D.C. we say now, we’ve stripped you quite bare
We understand clearly, how you’ve done us wrong
But come next election, we’ll see that you’re gone.

Merry Christmas people and Happy New Year.

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