BAYHAM: Welcome To Obama 2.0

I wonder how long the former university professor waited to give that particular speech to the nation.

Obama’s second inaugural address was a panegyric of liberalism, calling for greater investment in mass transit and green energy and a defense of his enlarged welfare state. It was smorgasbord of disagreeable eloquence.

President Obama used his status as the nation’s first African-American president and the backdrop of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday to link the struggles of the suffragettes and the indignities and the brutalities suffered by black civil rights leaders with the political/legislative/judicial fight for gay marriage.

Had a white liberal politician, regardless of office, attempted to do the same, catcalls would have rained down from elder black clergymen for the misappropriation of their sacrifices. However, the main beneficiary of their toil gets a pass that he is not reluctant to use.

While the 1969 Stonewall riots stemming from a police raid on a New York gay bar made his inaugural address, the $16,000,000,000,000 national debt did not, an indication of the president’s disordered priorities, his refusal to own up to his failures, as he did build several trillion of that, and the likely stubbornness congressional leaders should expect from the White House going into deficit reduction negotiations.

If anything the president’s inaugural address is a sign that he’s looking move the debt clock digits higher.

Perhaps the most curious remark in the address was when the president said, “Our journey is not complete until no citizen is forced to wait for hours to exercise the right to vote.” Was he making the case for expanded early voting or is he laying the groundwork for something far more grandiose, such as internet voting.

Stay tuned to find out where exactly Obama was going with that line.

It was a speech better suited for a party convention than for an inaugural address, though delivering such a speech at the former might have precluded the latter.

Had a conservative given the mirror image of a speech centered on social issues, the media would have gone apoplectic; instead President Obama is a hero for boldly championing what they believe America should be, not just tolerant but jubilant under penalty of condemnation and derision of the post-traditional American society.

America has anguished over its relationship with the president. They earnestly want to see him “succeed,” with success being defined as improving the economy, strengthening our national security and raising the quality of life for all Americans. It’s doubtful a majority or anywhere near that percentage want to see the full implementation of his radical leftist agenda.

Even California voters rejected gay marriage.

Last November, a mediocre president with an infectious smile on his face and the warm wind of the mainstream media at his back slipped past an eminently qualified individual but terrible candidate.

Millions of voters who were part of his historic victory in 2008 couldn’t come to grips with their mistake in the previous election but could not support Gordon Gekko’s awkward brother either.

So what are we to make of Barack Obama’s more sincere inaugural: will the president truly mobilize his political machine and stretch the legal limits of his executive power to somehow override a branch of Congress controlled by a GOP majority opposed to his remolding of the country, or was the maiden speech of his second term just a giant empty shout out to the 51% who funded his campaign and loyally ignored the realities of his record to give the president a second term?

The far-left wing of the Democratic Party didn’t make Obama president, though they did make him the party’s presidential nominee. His elections have given his liberal backers euphoria but they want his administration to produce results.

It’s one thing to deliver a lofty speech on the west side steps of the US Capitol though it’s something else altogether to get things accomplished under its majestic dome.
Regardless if he is ultimately successful in achieving the implied goals in his second inaugural address, President Obama has demonstrated that he will govern as an unapologetic liberal without fear of political consequences.

Welcome to Obama 2.0.



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