SARGE: Russian Roulette On Immigration

Whenever a problem becomes too obvious and people spend too much time speculating about the gravity or lack of it concerning the problem; somebody changes the subject. Witness the news shift from the Economy to Immigration Reform this week.

The Gang of Eight developed sweeping changes mirroring sweeping changes issued by others issuing sweeping changes over the years. This is simply put: – 1.) secure the border and better track people here on visas, create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already in the U.S, 2.) reform the legal immigration system give green cards to immigrants who obtain advanced degrees in science, math, technology or engineering from an American university; 3.) Create an effective employment verification system to ensure employers don’t hire illegal immigrants and 4.) Allow more low-skill workers into the country, and then let employers hire immigrants if they (employers) can demonstrate they couldn’t recruit a U.S. citizen.

It all sounds so good but for the fact you’re still rewarding bad behaviors defined as criminal activity, i.e. the participation in Human Trafficking across U.S. borders. That’s still against the law isn’t it? For those who’d say the workers trafficked are victims it can only be said: stuff it! These people weren’t kidnapped and forced into servitude without hope. They paid Coyotes (human traffickers) money to be guided past Border Patrols and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). They’re complicit in this violation of American law and sovereignty.

Pundits would say this is a “disingenuous” effort at stabilizing paralleling efforts of both the left and right wings of Congress. We’d simply call it all a lie and be done with it. This is a poorly cloaked effort at granting amnesty to 11 MILLION illegal, unregistered, non-visa toting aliens who’ve already insulted the American people by crossing the border to steal money from out of work Americans.

For those saying Americans won’t work for the wages illegals will work for I’d say this: stop extending unemployment funds and wages endlessly by executive and congressional fiat and people (Americans) would start taking that $10 an hour job to support their families. Shut-up and work together on the economy.

All of this is a result of a Democrat Party influence starting at the Presidency and working its way downward to the Republican Party wing of the Progressive movement to homogenize the world and pasteurize the uniqueness of American citizen from the United Nations blend.

Beaurat Obama holds a worldview stating we’re one people and one day we’ll be one land. It’s a chance to bring Utopia to the masses and assure socialism is the system “protects” the rights of all people. That is unless your view says you have a right to be different, to be exceptional, to stand apart from the brothers and sisters force-fed you in a bastardized relationship requiring you have less so they may appear equal. This is no more than another bold attempt by Obama and his cronies to assure the 11 MILLION new voter cards reflect Democrat Party affiliation more often than that of the Republican party. This will assure Americans become members of a world state one day.

This world state would be the One World Order. We’d be no more than minions of this state. We’d be faceless and essentially impotent in our native drives to excel and to lead the way in advancing the human race. We’d lose our identity as Americans as we no longer claim citizenship in the United States of America but become drones living in the Union of Socialist States of the Americas. America, as the bright shining light once emblematic of integrity and honesty and forward vision will be relegated to the dimming status of a dying star in a darkening sky.

Obama, keep it up. Keep trying to undermine America’s greatness by polluting its voter base with illegitimate edicts and legislation obviating the law. It’ll backfire on you.

This style of Russian Roulette is a stupid game you play if you have a political death wish. Obama keeps putting another round in the cylinder after each empty snap of the trigger. Sooner than later the gun will go off.

Thanks for listening.

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