SARGE: Since When Is Taxation Patriotic?

I was directed to the fact French actor Gerard Depardieu renounced his French citizenship over the 75% tax on “millionaires and billionaires”. This was the latest attempt to punish successful citizens for their ability to create jobs, fiscal growth and energize the economy of their parent nation. The French President, a Socialist, watched his extreme tax legislation scuttled by the French Constitutional Court. He’s vowed to exert a 75% tax on the wealthy. He isn’t happy Depardieu renounced his French citizenship.

Depardieu said he was developing dual citizenship with Belgium, which has a lower tax rate and coincidentally has some property Depardieu tried to purchase recently. Depardieu accepted a passport, an act commanding recognition by foreign powers the holder has ties to the Russian government. Russia has a 13% Flat Tax on all income. It’s therefore easy to understand why anybody, especially a man earning millions and elevating the esteem of the French Film Industry as Depardieu does, would want to diminish his tax “foot-print” by moving his high-earning and heavily taxed feet to another country. While being a refugee is normally NOT a designation appreciated by those suffering the sting of national displacement, a 62% differential in taxable income would make anybody consider crossing a border.

The French President said Paying taxes is an act of patriotism and we’re asking the rich to make a special effort here for the country.” I would suggest the French President and any other poseur claiming the highest elected position of the land initiate sexual relations on himself. (Beaurat? Are you listening?)

“Paying taxes” is a patriotic act? What a perversion of the definition of patriotism. Patriotism is devotion, love and support and defense of one’s country; it’s loyal to one’s nation. Paying taxes is an act of compliance to the forced confiscation of your property by your government.  The government is NOT our country.

We need to educate people that “love of country” is NOT the same as “support of government”. Complying with coerced acts, like paying taxes, is NOT an act of patriotism. It’s merely an act of compliance.

Obama is not our God and surely doesn’t command many people’s loyalty, fealty or faithfulness except by those permanently attached to the overly saccharine but obviously collapsing udder of governmental dependency. But, Socialist tools like Hollande and Obama continue peddling this garbage of how we must all “pay our fair share”. This is the new mantra of the left, and I’m sure we’ll soon see other left-wing clowns, trotted out to try to sell the same idiocy. (Joe Biden maybe?)

We love our country, but are disgusted by our government. We believe government’s actions are putting the future of our country in jeopardy. Governments extolling these usurious tax rates bordering on extortionist are punishing those making the economy work. Business is for all intents and purposes (in the courts and in practical applications) considered an individual entity, in spite of what stupid, lying fools like Elizabeth Warren proclaim. Therefore, business entities earning more in gross profits are to be charged at rates designed to fill the coffers of the government. But, this will throttle the growth and expansion of those businesses because they pay much more as they profit less.

Progressive/Socialist politicians are too stupid and self-serving to recognize what any child can see. What’s the sense in trying for the greater achievement and accomplishment if you’re going to be reprimanded and penalized for your success? Any child can tell you behavior and “encouragement” of that sort stifles efforts to excel and kills ambition outright.

The concept of Patriotism through taxation is as distasteful today as it was in 1775. The similarities between our past and present are obvious. We have a government, though housed in this nation and on this soil, is removed from and non-representative of the people it taxes. This government considers itself above and beyond the direction of the people it claims dominance over as opposed to being representative of those people’s will.

American government could see more tax refugees. But it could also see armed rebellion against those seated in power remaining deaf to the people’s will.

Thanks for listening.

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