We’d Better Disarm The Left, And Soon…

…because once they start getting a load of Colion Noir there just won’t be any way to keep the streets safe from unhinged, enraged lefties of all colors and shapes brandishing weapons about in search of a release for their fury.

Don’t think for one second that the backlash from Noir’s critiques of the Left’s gun policies won’t be severe. They have no problem calling Dr. Ben Carson an Uncle Tom, and Carson’s one of the least in-your-face people you’ll see speaking out on politics.

Noir? He’s pretty aggressive. He’s absolutely, positively, 100 percent correct when he exposes the ridiculous hypocrisy of the Left’s gun control rhetoric, but he does it in a way that delegitimizes them on a host of other issues as well.

And that they will not be able to stand. His Twitter fight with Russell Simmons two weeks ago was nothing compared to what’s coming now that he’s doing these videos for the NRA.

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