Check Out THIS Idiot

You probably heard about the controversy over this Tamerlan Tsarnaev stiff, right?

Nobody wants to bury him. They can’t find a cemetery in Boston that’ll take his corpse. They could barely find an undertaker who’d handle the body.

The mom wants to come get him and bring him back to Trashcanistan, or whatever Mohammedan bunghole he sprang from, except she ain’t comin’ back here any time soon since she gets arrested the second she sets foot in the good ol’ USA because she missed a court date for boostin’ $1600 worth of swag from a Lord & Taylor’s in Natick, Mass a couple years back.

What he needs is a “burial at sea,” meaning that he needs to turn into fish food. Somebody oughta put him on a fishin’ boat and dump him off Cape Cod somewheres.

But bein’ a buncha lefty Massachusetts types, the locals haven’t come around to that idea just yet.

They need to soon, because the loons are startin’ to come out of the closet.

Like this dumb broad, for example, who was in the air force as a secretary or somethin’ for two years and who gets to have a plot at Arlington National Cemetery – and who wants to give it up so Tamerlan can have it.

Yeah, that’s right. She wants to bury a Moslem jihadi terrorist at Arlington National Cemetery. Here, see for yourself.

Hey, here’s a question – do you think it’s more likely Julie Frein (that’s her name) voted for Romney last year? Or Obama?

That’s a pretty obvious question, right? Cuz it takes a special kinda stupid to want to give your plot at Arlington to the Tsarnaev kid.

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