Mary’s Impending Amnesty Vote Could Be A Disaster For Her Re-Election

That’s the inevitable conclusion from a Pulse Opinion Research poll conducted last month in Louisiana on the immigration issue.

The survey, of 1,000 likely voters with a 3 percent margin of error, shows that by a 64-17 margin voters in the state would favor a party which supports enforcing immigration laws before engaging in the kind of amnesty program being contemplated in the Senate.

Landrieu called the immigration/amnesty bill in the Senate “something that is urgently needed for the economic strength and security of our country” last month. She’s expected to be a “yes” vote on the bill when it hits the Senate floor, which will happen very soon.

But when she does so, she’s going to run afoul of a huge portion of the electorate in Louisiana when she faces a very tight race for re-election next year.

Earlier this week, Stuart Rothenberg moved the race from Tossup/Tilt Democrat to Pure Tossup┬áin his calculations, which indicates that every independent voter will be key for Mary – and every major issue will as well. She really can’t afford to be seen as out of touch with the people of the state on a major issue of importance.

And on immigration, if she follows through with a vote for amnesty it’s going to be a rough ride to Election Day.

To wit:

Do you strongly support, somewhat support, somewhat oppose or strongly oppose work permits for illegal immigrants? You strongly support work permits 11%
Somewhat support 21%
Somewhat oppose 23%
Strongly oppose 42%
Not sure 2%
Do you believe less educated illegal immigrants compete with less-educated Americans for construction, manufacturing, hospitality and other service jobs? Yes 70%
No 19%
Not sure 10%
How much moral responsibility do you feel Congress has to help protect unemployed or low-wage Americans from having to compete with foreign workers for U.S. jobs? A lot 56%
Some 26%
Very little 11%
None 6%
Not sure 1%
Do you agree/disagree that the United States is faced with labor shortages and needs more immigrant workers? Strongly agree 8%
Somewhat agree 13%
Somewhat disagree 27%
Strongly disagree 45%
Not sure 7%
On the issue of fighting illegal immigration, is the government doing too much, not enough or about the right amount? Too much 8%
Not enough 68%
About the right amount 15%
Not sure 9%
Which do you prefer for dealing with the illegal immigrants? Work permits first, followed by 10 years of implementing enforcement 19%
Full enforcement first, before considering work permits 69%
Not sure 12%

And here’s a coup de grace of sorts…

Are you more likely to vote for a political party that supports enforcing immigration laws first or that supports legalizing illegal immigrants first? A political party that supports enforcing immigration laws first 64%
A political party that supports legalizing illegal immigrants first 17%
Not sure 19%

These are terrible numbers for an amnesty supporter. It’s clear that Landrieu will be taking a huge risk in voting for amnesty.

But what’s even worse for her is that she’s opening up a weakness on the issue with the most committed members of her base; namely black voters.

By a 42-18 count, black respondents said they’d favor the party which enforces immigration laws. And 62 percent say the priority is to protect workers from competition from illegals. And by 62-25, they want full enforcement of current law before any amnesty goes into effect.

If she votes “yes” on amnesty, she’s also voting “yes” on giving her opponents a huge opportunity to beat her to death with immigration as an issue.

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