On Twitter, Ace Of Spades Nails The Immigration Debate

It’s a series of tweets explaining why the immigration bill, as Ted Cruz says, is a disaster.

That’s the crux of the issue. Trust is the crux of the issue.

Democrats are not to be trusted, because they are not good as their word. Democrats will flat-out lie to get a deal with Republicans on immigration so that they can flat-out lie to get another deal with Republicans on immigration. And ultimately, Democrats will fundamentally alter the demographics of the country in such a way that we will become a Third World multicultural/balkanized disaster zone. We know this, because we have seen what the socialist Left in Europe, which Democrats ape every chance they get and openly admire, has done with immigration. The socialists in France, Labor in the UK, socialist parties in Spain, Sweden, Holland and others – they’ve all greatly ramped up immigration from the Third World in an effort to get more people who will vote for their party rather than attempt to win the argument with people in their own countries.

That’s what the Democrats want to do. They were successful with it in California, and they now rule over the ruins of what was once a great state. What’s good for Democrats in California is good for the nation, right?

And the Democrats are perfectly willing to take their time with this project. They know that over time they can get Republicans to back down on just about everything.

Why? Because on this issue, Republican politicians are driven by two things – one, an insanely stupid willingness to believe everything the left-wing media in Washington and New York tells them and their D.C. political consultants (who are rife with incompetence and self-dealing to such a colossal extent as to illuminate what a powerful movement conservatism is that it has survived their ministrations as well as it has without being destroyed), and two, the corruption coming from taking big money from donors who want the cheap labor an open border would supply.

So what these people are looking for is political cover to sell out to the Democrats. They’re not willing to represent their political supporters; they’re more interested in a pretext to sell us out.

Bear in mind that the border security stuff the GOP is attempting to tout as indispensable to its support of the amnesty bill – all that stuff is already the law of the land. That border fence? It’s already the law of the land.

These are laws the government doesn’t enforce and hasn’t enforced. If the government was actually doing its job and enforcing the immigration laws already on the books we wouldn’t have much need for immigration reform – because if it was harder to get here and even harder to work here as an illegal, then a lot fewer people would try.

Virtually nobody in the Republican Party is standing up for the people who will be victims of this bill. Why isn’t the GOP using this as an appeal to the black community, which is going to be devastated when the party it monolithically votes for floods the labor market with newly-legal Mexican workers to take all the low-skill jobs black kids need? It’s not like a community with a 16 percent unemployment rate can look at this bill’s passage with anything but dread. And why isn’t anybody in the GOP talking about the four million people who are waiting in line in crappy countries abroad to become legal immigrants? They’re playing by the rules and suffering for it, but nobody cares.

So we get a deal. And the deal is that we’ll have 20,000 more border guards who will be hired and work for a Department of Homeland Security which sees conservatives as potential terrorists. And that Department is run by government bureaucrats who have proven they’ll abuse their power for political purposes.

Plus, those 20,000 border guards will be members of a public-employee union whose dues will go to fund Democrat political candidates to the tune of 94 percent of the time.

What comes out of this? We do a deal on immigration, and Democrats get a brand-new source of campaign funds now – plus a brand new source of bloc voters later.

Republicans and conservatives get – what, exactly? A promise that a few more Mexicans will vote for us? Cheap labor for big companies who give to Democrats as often as Republicans? A new perception in the Democrat-partisan media that we’re not as racist as they’ve portrayed us to be for the better part of two generations now?

Oh, and here’s a fun one – the actual problem gets solved by the exact same means it was supposed to be solved back in 1986?

In other words, nothing.

The good news is that this is going to be almost impossible to pass in the House, because the House has a lot more people in it who are connected to their constituents rather than the D.C. lobby crowd, and they know they’ll get strung up by their thumbs back home if they vote for this.

But in the Senate, replete as it is with preening nincompoops like John McCain and Lindsey Graham and, unfortunately, Marco Rubio, there is no such representation.

Look, it’s not necessary to act like Tom Tancredo to be a Republican. There is no reason to antagonize Hispanics – and more specifically, Mexican-Americans – on this issue. Ted Cruz, who is Hispanic (though he’s of Cuban and not Mexican extraction) and from Texas, understands that the way to get Mexican votes is to govern properly and grow the economy rather than pandering to them on immigration as though they could be bought so cheaply.

But if you act like a mark, you’ll get treated like a mark. That cuts across all ethnic lines. And make not mistake about it – the GOP in the Senate is a bunch of EASY marks. Worse, they think their voters are as well.

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