Two Stories About Animal Killings…

…one real, and one not.

First, the not-real one – about poor Snuffy the Seal.

Too bad for Snuffy, that he got put back into the water during Shark Week. You never go in the water in Shark Week.

But that’s OK, because Snuffy’s not real. Not that there aren’t lots of seal who get munched by sharks, but those are off-camera. And they ain’t named Snuffy.

Not sure what this bird’s name is, but he didn’t get eaten by a shark. Somethin’ else was at work…

Around 40 people were watching the White-throated Needletail, the world’s fastest flying bird, on the Isles of Harris when the tragedy happened.

Sightings of the bird have only been recorded eight times in the UK in nearly 170 years, most recently in 1991, prompting around 80 ornithologists to visit the island in the hope of catching a glimpse.

John Marchant, a project coordinator for the British Trust for Ornithology, visited the island on a specially-arranged trip with a group of other birdwatchers and witnessed the death.

The 62-year-old bird enthusiast said he travelled from Norfolk when he heard about the arrival of the bird, which had brown, blue and black bird plumage.

Jeez, that’s turrible. What got that poor bird? An eagle? A crocodile? A mountain lion?

Nah. Keep readin’.

“We were absolutely over the moon and thrilled to see the bird. We watched it for nearly two hours. While we were watching it suddenly it was a bit close to the turbine and then the blades hit it,” he said.

“We all rushed up to the turbine, which took about five minutes, hoping it had just been knocked out the sky but was ok. Unfortunately it had a blow to the head and was stone dead.”

Yeah. Whoops! Kilt straight out.

Wind energy. Can we call those windmills “air sharks” from now on?

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