Hey, I Know What The Royals Oughta Call That Kid…

…they oughta call him what more people in the UK name their baby boys than any other name.

Mohammed reclaimed its place as the most popular name for baby boys born in England and Wales in 2011 – convincingly ahead of Harry, in second place, according to data released by the government this week.

The government declared that Harry was the most popular boy’s name, but if you add up the five most popular different spellings of Mohammed, that name comes top.

Mohammed is also the most popular boy’s name of the past five years for England and Wales, ahead of Oliver and Jack. It came first or second every year since 2007, the only name to do so.

And it could become even more popular in 2012, given the adulation around long-distance runner Mo Farah, who won two gold medals for Britain at the Olympics.

The popularity of the name comes as Britain’s Muslim population is expected to double in the next 20 years.

Prince Mohammed sounds pretty good, right?

I mean, since they’ll let the neckchoppers kill British soldiers in the streets in broad daylight and the big thing they’re worried about is that somebody might bust up a mosque in retaliation – if that’s the kinda country that is, then why not just go full hog, er, camel, and bow to reality?


OK, now ask me how much of a crap I give about the royal baby.

Now that you asked, I’ll give you this…

And we also have this, too…

Look, nobody in America would have cared about this but that Martha McCallum wanted to go on a workin’ vacation in London – and Martha McCallum gets what the hell Martha McCallum wants. So there.

Greg Gutfeld just asked if Piers Morgan will get an interview with the umbilical cord.

Don’t bet against that.

You can bet against Prince Mohammed. But if that kid gets exposed to the educational system over there, all bets are off as to what he ultimately goes with.

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