Certainly by now our readers know all about the horrifying – but highly entertaining – saga of Port Allen mayor “Deedy” Slaughter, who found a way to give herself a raise without the approval of her city council and who hired her brother-in-law Ralph Slaughter (the same Ralph Slaughter who owes a half-million dollars to Southern University after stealing it from that institution when he was its system president several years back) as her chief of staff.

The whole Deedy Slaughter story has taken so many twists and turns that it would take us forever to recount them all. Suffice it to say her record of governance isn’t all that unusual for a race-baiting politician riding a demographic majority and virtually nothing else into office; she immediately set to squeezing as much dinero out of the taxpayers’ trough into her pocket as she could, called her critics racists and set the whole town ablaze in controversy – and she’s now under threat of a recall from angry voters both black and white.

What makes her interesting is the quotability.

Because Deedy Slaughter is the Yogi Berra of crooked politicians. And now there is a website,, in tribute to her magniloquence.

You’ll find this video gem there…

One sympathizes with those who struggle against a constant stream of acquisitions. But the site has only scratched the surface of Deedy Slaughter’s offerings.

A bit more…

This was a classic – that car needs some work done to it…

What happens to Slaughter at this point is anybody’s guess. What’s not a matter of speculation – what is a certainty – is that she’s going to be worth her weight in quotable gold for however long she has in public life before the folks in Port Allen get rid of her.

UPDATE: Deedy have been vindicated. Or ventilated. Or something.

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