BAYHAM: The ‘Stupid Party’ Finally Gets Wise To Media Bias

The GOP has had enough.

And it’s about time.

The Republican National Committee unanimously passed a measure to preclude CNN and NBC from participating in the 2016 presidential primary debates because of their overt promotion of Hillary Clinton through their programming.

NBC announced it would air a four hour miniseries starring Diane Lane while CNN is putting together a documentary on Clinton that would be released in theatres.

Concerns about the CNN project were further heightened when the network brought on board someone who had worked on Al Gore’s enviro-documentary An Inconvenient Truth to oversee their films division.

The former First Lady and Secretary of State will in all probability run for the White House and almost certainly will be her party’s nominee.

Prior to the vote, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus declared that the party would no longer quietly tolerate blatant media bias and furthermore individuals with obvious conflicts of interest or notable associations with the Democratic Party should not moderate debates between Republican presidential candidates.

If sucking up to the media worked for Republicans, John McCain would be in the second term of his presidency right now.

Though some Republicans seem to be in denial about the uneven-handed treatment Republicans receive from the media.

GOP Hill staffers took their shrieks of outrage over the threatened boycott to social media, though these individuals are too familiar socially with reporters shivving Republican figures with their ink pens. They’re also insulated from the consequences of Democratic governance as the “winners on the losing team.”

Former Mitt Romney campaign aide Eric Fehrnstrom, of Etch-a-Sketch infamy, tweeted that the move was “Bad optics for the RNC to block CNN and NBC.” Apparently Fehrnstrom must have missed the “bad optics” of a CNN reporter arguing with his client about the White House’s deceptive Benghazi narrative in the middle of a debate she was moderating.

To Priebus’s credit, he did not bite his tongue in response to the comments by the leading “useful idiot” on Romney’s payroll.

Beyond their proposed Hillary homages, CNN and NBC have less than stellar track records when it comes to fairness.

It was CNN political reporter Candy Crowley who interjected herself in the aforementioned presidential debate and NBC is the parent owner of the left-wing media channel MSNBC.

MSNBC might as well register as a 527, as their habitually and unbalanced conservative-bashing programming is more Democratic infomercial than political discourse or real journalism, their staff more “fanboys” than reporters.

Everything about the network is tilted to the advancement of their progressive political agenda. They don’t bother hiding it, brazenly advertising it with their “Lean Forward” mantra.

Real journalists shouldn’t “lean” in any direction.

One of the things that truly struck me about MSBNC was where they positioned their setup for the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. While all the other news entities were based in the secure area beside the convention venue, MSNBC’s cameras faced the protest area. It was apparent what they were on hand to cover, and it was not the Republican Party’s convention proceedings.

That a major news network could formally be partnered with such a rabidly leftist media outlet discredits them as a legitimate news source.

Regardless of whether the two news networks decide to scrap their respective Hillary adulation projects, the national GOP has finally called out the media for their fawning and their favoritism and perhaps it will motivate other news media to reflect on how they operate.

There was a time when journalists held politicians regardless of party accountable for their conduct.

That a national party has had to take the extraordinary step of holding the Fourth Estate in contempt, for their unprofessionalism speaks volumes about the state of journalism in America.

If anything CNN and NBC should thank Priebus for possibly saving them from themselves if they end up rethinking their Hillary puff-pieces and choose to withhold their in-kind contributions to Hillary ‘16.

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