CAP BLACK: Is It Not Obvious Mitch Landrieu Is Soft On Crime?

As an anti-crime activist I have watched New Orleans’ mayor’s first term with acute interest – especially with respect to his crime prevention platform.

It seems in order to be re-elected in a majority-black city, he’s chosen to pacify elements endangering citizens of all colors!

To date, it consists of the following:

  • Giving basketballs to young black men, as if that stereotypical solution alone is needed to quell homicidal & other criminal tendencies.
  • Photo ops with the same, as if mere proximity will cure what culturally ails them.
  • Grants from Nola For Life to black spokespersons more interested in cash than completing a community center, for instance
  • A curfew essentially on black teens in the Canal St. Zone (which is understandable) while violent white street gangs, otherwise known as “gutter-punks,” roam there undeterred (which is incomprehensible).
  • Swift punishment for homeowners who defend themselves like Merritt Landry  (arrested on second degree murder charges AND suspended without pay from his city job) and an unnamed black one who has yet to have his guns returned after shooting a bloody intruder this past April.
  • An anti-gang task force whose success against  inner city gangs I applaud, while white gutter-punk street gangs are allowed to violate the law, sometimes in front of NOPD officers, as in the televised, illegal August 22nd counter-protest of a Justice For Merritt Landry rally.

If the mayor’s soft-on-crime and biased strategy continues, I expect even more death, injuries and property losses as an under-staffed police department is told to target darker skinned thugs, who need it, to the exclusion of lighter-skinned ones who do too!

New Orleans streets belong to a rainbow coalition of criminals, egged on by pro crime activists, with the apparent blessing of a mayor whose soft on crime approach encourages even more crime- not less!

He is soft on crime, at a time when thugs are even harder on law abiding citizens.

We need look no further than the Merritt Landry case for proof.

Cap Black The Hood Conservative
Anti Crime Activist

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