Maness’ Latest Round Of Messaging Is Much Improved

Since I was pretty critical of what insurgent Republican Senate candidate Rob Maness was offering to the public last week with his “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary” ad campaign, it behooves me to give credit where credit is due.

And Maness and his camp deserve kudos for much better messaging this week.

In a release out this morning, Maness talks about abortion, and Sen. Mary Landrieu’s doublespeak on the issue…

In a video making its rounds on the Internet, “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson talks about the “abortion culture” and the right to life we all have – and should all embrace – and U.S. Senate candidate Col. Rob Maness (R-Louisiana) is once again asking Mary Landrieu to make her true position known.

“Mary Landrieu says she’s pro-life, but her voting record doesn’t match her words,” Maness said this morning.  “Not only has she voted to protect pro-choice positions – and taken money from organizations that promote allowing abortion on an even larger scale – but she voted for a Congressional Resolution reaffirming the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that ‘legalized’ the killing of the unborn.  She has been silent on the new Planned Parenthood clinic being built in her hometown of New Orleans – a facility that will be the largest abortuary in the state.  The Louisiana Right to Life Federation gives Mary Landrieu a score of only 35 in her 17 years in the Senate.  How is that ‘pro-life’?

“It’s time for Mary to come clean.  She can’t call herself ‘pro-life’ with that kind of record.  The voters of Louisiana are too smart for that, and we’re fed up with a culture of death and violence.  Nobody knows better than Phil Robertson what a duck sounds like – both real ones and duck calls.  Which one is Mary?  She’s not ‘pro-life’ by any Louisiana standards I recognize.”

Just so.

Landrieu’s silence on that abortion mill going up in New Orleans speaks very loudly. It’s one thing to rehash the abortion debate; most voters are tired of hearing about it. But this is a very good message; namely, that if Mary Landrieu wants to act as a pro-abortion Senator she owes the people of the state an honest statement of policy.

And she hasn’t done that in a long time.

Very well done, Col. Maness.

By the by, here’s the Phil Robertson video, which is worthy of display in its own right…

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