SARGE: Diabolists

Unions appear schizophrenic; championing the causes of Beaurat Obama and pushing for acceptance, approval and implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Union pimps didn’t read the legislation before it was voted on.

Now, Gruppenfurher Richard Trumka is demanding Obama give Unions an implementation exemption. The costs to union members are exorbitant and threaten Trumka’s multi-million dollar tenure as Union leader. He said the ACA was good for them in exchange for Obama votes.

Today Union representatives are plying their trade of legalized extortion by organizing “fast food workers”. Not pleased with simply having a job while Obama’s “economic policies” (?) significantly stifle job-growth nationwide, the Unions want work slow-downs/stoppages unless “fast food” workers gain a “minimum” wage in excess of $15-an-hour.

Yeah. That’s right. The kid flipping burgers, sweeping floors and trying to remember to ask; “you want fries with that?” wants$15-bucks-an-hour. That’s ridiculous.

The Unions are responsible for some necessary changes in the world of labor. Unions got “sweat-shops” banned. The Unions halted deadly forms of child-labor.

But Unions are noted for excesses; in violence, in greed and in socialist leanings toward a utopian archetype Union leaders see themselves controlling because they’d personally gain power and money. This is no longer about the worker but the Trumkan Diabolists running the show.

Young people once gained their first successes as entrepreneurs. Kids once worked for newspapers as “paperboys”. They hawked papers on street corners and rode bicycles through summer heat, rain, sleet and snow to get the job done. Kids understood industry must soldier on through the adversities of life; and the kid became better for the effort. Now “home deliverymen”; adults in cars, deliver prospectively hundreds of subscription driven newspapers sold to doorsteps across suburban America. The “paperboys” were driven from the scene by newspaper’s need to be more efficient. Newspapers needed to trim costs somewhere as costs rose. They were forced to raise prices. Bulk deliver took precedence over initializing the Entreneurial American Dream in the hearts and minds of young people across the country.

Kids started their first jobs in burger joints and such places. They learned the need to appear at work on time and dressed properly. They learned customer appreciation and service etiquette. They learned they were pursuing the American dream. They learned as they became part of the employment community.

Now Unions, and the entitlement hypothesis they ascribe to, are banding “fast-food” workers to strike and demonstrate in favor of elevated wages.

Hey! You’re flippin’ burgers; not doing brain surgery!

To hell with what it’ll do to the economy. Every other price will rise as mandated minimum wages increase. One industry will follow the last to get a piece of the pie. To hell with the effect it’ll have on the employees finding their hours trimmed drastically to avoid the ACA and keep man-hours DOWN to assure a profit. The Unions smell money in the water like an ever-expanding blood pool growing around employers harpooned by labor’s excesses. Unions smell money from member dues, and that’s all that matters to them.

Unions are spreading the disease of employment entitlement again. They’ve stopped representing the real issues plaguing workers. They argue for higher pay for the work of immature, untrained and historically under-developed people seeking the BASICS initial employment provides. Nobody wants to grow within a company and earn the $15-bucks-an-hour; they feel entitled to it for simply “being at work”.

For a nation formerly encouraging its citizens to excel as they climb the ladder of success, we’ve allowed Unions to highjack the pursuit of excellence and replace it with a sense of entitlement for accomplishing the same tasks replicable by assembly-line robots. The Unions forced many businesses to move out-of-country and out-right fail. It’s tragic. And that replacement by “auto-bot” is available on the horizon.

If the kid schlepping burgers at the local McDonald’s can get $15-an-hour, the kid should be required to get the order right before I pull away from the drive-through window.

If they can’t get it right for an “entitlement” (which doesn’t assure quality of service) of $15-an-hour, I can flip the bloody burger at home for myself.

Thanks for listening.

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