SARGE: Dramedy Of Errors

Will Obama shoot across the Syrians’ bow or will he shoot himself in the foot; again?

Beaurat Obama’s one of the most entertaining comedians in politics. He’s regularly on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno seeming to have a great time. He’s a regular guest on The View. He schmoozes with BaaBaa Wahwah and the Hoopdie Goldblum. His upbeat banter and ability to relate to those he feels lower than he almost appears sincere and is legendary.


But, some aren’t so easily fooled or as readily acceptant of the proclaimed but somehow always absent recognition of his accomplishments. Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer got ObamaCare rammed upward into the colonic consciousness of the American people. Since then, Obama’s regularly vented his oratorical dysentery to keep it in place. He regularly sets aside his friends’ and allies’ (like Congress) responsibility to be covered by the Single Payer option. Now, many of them aren’t required, by presidential diktat, to participate in the rapidly necrotizing program. ObamaCare is slowly rotting from within.

So you can see why I say he’s a great comedian. He’s a joke. He suffers from delusions of adequacy.

Every policy he’s developed, like bad sushi, is presented so it may be swallowed with oratorical gusto, but when it comes time to be digested for the benefit of the person swallowing it; it’s proven bad and must be vomited to prevent the death of the diner. Obama just keeps serving the same diet of phantasmagorical oratory where he presents a dream built in his overactive imagination. His vision for America (and the rest of the world) is more an optical illusion than anything else. Or, would that be a delusion?

In any sense it’s bad for America. Obama is offering his dyspepsia inducing menu to the Middle East. That’s not good. To have Obama playing the harlequin, dancing on a stage viewed by such heavy-weight antagonists such as Syria, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Israel and others, doesn’t bode well for anybody.

Obama’s now studying the Syrian issue. He’s talking about taking measured steps and “firing a shot across Syria’s bow”. The guy, as usual knows nothing. “Firing a shot across the bow” of an antagonist is an open invitation for battle. The shot across the bow means nothing if you only have one shot to shoot. And Obama’s seriously under-supplied when it comes to ammo on the diplomatic world-stage. There’s an old saying: “when engaging in a battle of wits it never goes well if you’re outgunned by the enemy”.

Russia has big guns also. And Vladimir Putin has a bigger man-set than Obama when it concerns his position in this drama. Putin has no respect for Obama or America because of Obama. Russia can follow the precedent set by communist nations in the past. He can allow third-parties to deliver the support Assad. Putin’s hands will look cleaner than Pontius Pilate’s when he’s done.

Where Obama should have resolutely opposed Bashar Assad’s genocidal campaign against anybody disagreeing with him, Obama hemmed, hawed, backtracked and given himself a self-congratulatory lick for foisting this program on the world even though he doesn’t believe the crap he’s leaving on the trail he’s blazing. He’s worse than a three-legged lead dog in s dogsled team. And the brush fire he’s trying to set in the diplomatic world dealing with this region doesn’t have enough heat to light a cigarette. He has no credibility.

Obama’s feckless, shallow performance is describable as a comedy of errors. But maybe (because of the tragically unfolding consequences somebody will soon suffer) and because this incompetent clot is playing in a puddle with a depth he can never fully appreciate; maybe we should refer to it as “dramedy”; part comedy, part drama.

As long as Obama can serve up his well-written lines pulled from the depths of a liberal speech-writer’s mind, he’ll have us laughing at our moral dissolution and the termination of our political and diplomatic esteem in the world.

Obama may look like he’s about to shoot himself in the foot. He’s really aiming at ours.

Thanks for listening

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