VIDEO: Life In America Under The Obama Administration, Year Five

This is from the food stamp office in Jackson, Mississippi, apparently.

This is where we are. You got 50 million people on a program that if you wanna join it you go to an office where this is goin’ on and that’s how you sign up. Ain’t no end in sight, neither. The New Normal, and so on.

No, they don’t sell tickets there. You get that show for free. This is what free stuff from the gubmint looks like.

Here’s a question – can you buy clothes with food stamps? Like if you go to one o’ those WalMarts where they sell groceries, too, can you buy clothes there?

I axe because I notice that in all these food stamp people videos, and there are actually lots of ’em, the water-buffalo lookin’ people never have clothes on that fit.

Can we hook these people up with some swag from Goodwill, or sump’n? I like to see some better-dressed people in my YouTubes of food-stamp-office wrasslin’.

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