This Can’t Possibly Be Correct…

Streiff at RedState uncovered a string of tweets yesterday which simply have to be wrong.

They have to be.

We’re going to assume this is way off base.

Because if it’s not, it shows that the people in charge of the GOP majority in the House are imbeciles of the first order.

This is a good summation of how dumb a move it would be to give Obama his Syrian war when the country is opposed and no case for American interest has been made…

Apparently the GOP leadership is tired of being called obstructionist. They seem to have come to the conclusion that if the oppose Obama on this that they lose bargaining power in the upcoming votes on spending and the debt ceiling. This has led them to use Martian Logic to determine that if they do not oppose Obama on Syria somehow Obama will owe them something on spending.

It doesn’t take a political genius to see the fallacy here.

First, opposition to Syria is not only good policy it is backed by 80% of the American people.

Second, if you vote for a military strike you lose the ability to complain about whatever stupid thing Obama, Kerry, and Hagel come up with.

Third, you piss away an 80% issue.

Fourth, Obama isn’t going to give you squat on spending because you just proved to him you aren’t deserving of respect.

Just so.

You can’t survive on a city council if you don’t recognize that surrender on an 80-20 issue in order to build leverage for a 50-50 issue is idiocy.

When you’re on the right side of an 80-20 issue, it’s time to press that issue to the hilt and annihilate the opposition. You use 80-20 issues to destroy the credibility of the other side and build your own. 80-20 issues establish that you’re on the side of the public. 80-20 issues are the ones you make a virtue out of your intransigence on.

It’s the 50-50 or 40-60 issues where you compromise and give-and-take.

But when you’re on the right side of an 80-20 issue, you go and win on that issue. And you use the fact that the other guy just took it in the shorts to then demand he compromise with you on the 50-50 issue to come – namely, the budget and Obamacare.

Instead, if these tweets are correct Boehner and the gang are going to give up on an 80-20 issue, therefore infuriating the country and giving Obama the ability to blame the whole Syrian mess on the Republicans – and whatever dead Americans result from the quagmire we’ll get into by bombing them will get pinned on Boehner, don’t kid yourself – while giving nothing whatsoever to Boehner on the budgetary issues to come later this month.

That’s just crazy. It gives evidence of a total inability to play power politics. That we’re stuck with a Speaker of the House who is this inept at the game is extremely instructive.

But like we said, this can’t possibly be correct. No way it’s that bad.

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