Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeals: An Activist Court?

lawsuit-300x250The notion of “separation of powers” is a fundamental principle of our democracy, both at the state and national levels. Under this doctrine, laws are passed by the legislature and enforced by the executive branch. The judiciary’s role is to interpret and apply the law as it is written, adjudicate legal disputes when they arise and otherwise administer justice.

However, a new trend has emerged in some Louisiana courts where judges have repeatedly ventured outside of their narrowly defined role in an attempt to create new law through the judicial process– essentially blurring the lines between the branches of government and the power reserved for each.

After years of hearing about controversial decisions originating in Louisiana’s Third Circuit Court of Appeal, Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch decided to take a closer look.

And the results of our research are VERY INTERESTING – EVEN SHOCKING. As we mark a national week focused on reforming the legal system, Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week (October 7-11), stay tuned for a detailed update on recent high profile cases coming out of the Louisiana Third Circuit and an analysis of emerging trends.



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