VIDEO: Jay Carney Tries To Lie His Way Out Of Another Obamacare Untruth

Carney gets himself ensnared in a real mess here…by the well-known Tea Party shill Johnathan Karl of ABC News.

Karl accosts the White House press secretary in an impertinent and rude fashion by demanding to know how Carney and his bosses in the Obama administration can make the claim that consumers can escape the disaster of by merely calling the 1-800-F1UCK-YO number and signing up for Obamacare there – when the people answering the phones at 1-800-F1UCK-YO are sitting at computers logged in to

Stupidity ensues as Carney attempts to escape this inconvenient situation by saying “Yes, but it’s not actually you as a consumer on the website.”

That isn’t the issue, of course. What is the issue is that since the website doesn’t work you’re not going to buy Obamacare over the phone. They can’t sell it to you without that web portal to do it with. And because they can’t, Carney’s lying.

And doing it poorly. Which he’s well aware of, so he handles that by attempting to demean Karl as he evades his questions.

Via NewsNinja2012.

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