VIDEO: What A Crackhead Looks Like On The Street

We’re posting this not to make fun of anybody, but just as a means of illuminating what drugs do to people – and what you get as the result of refusing to take care of the seriously mentally ill rather than just letting them roam the streets.

This woman is obviously both completely nuts and on something. If it’s not crack, it’s probably something just as bad or worse.

The thing is, this type of display is fairly common in inner city areas all over the country. Drive through one even in broad daylight and at some point fairly quickly you’ll run across a lunatic. Perhaps not as off-the-rails as this one, but a lunatic all the same. They’re all over the place, but as a rule the worse neighborhood you’re in the more likely you’ll see them.

Is it worse now than ever? Feels that way, but that’s only because we used to employ guys wearing white who’d show up with butterfly nets to take them away. Instead, now the cops come. They cart people like this off to jail, and they just get released back out into the street to act up again.

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