SARGE: The Blood Of Patriots

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

– Thomas Jefferson

The Washington Examiner headline read: “THE ESTABLISHMENT FIGHTS BACK: MITCH MCCONELL LEADS GOP’S FIGHT AGAINST TEA PARTY INSURGENTS”. I thought I’d run slap into a Star Wars© revival of The Empire Strikes Back! Unfortunately I was wrong. McConnell’s so threatened because his cloak of integrity no longer fits. His feeding at the governmental trough with the other little piggies is evident.

The Republican Party’s been the Yin to the Democrat Yan for so long the line between the two is almost invisible. The political spectrum in Washington is no longer defined by the vibrancy of RED, WHITE and BLUE but by the murk of a muddy gray. The gray is more reminiscent of a polluted river bottom than heaven’s blue, the red blood of patriots shed fighting for the liberties this nation once stood for and the purity of that cause.

Kool-aid ® runs through the veins of such entrenched buffoons like McConnell where blood once allegedly flowed. This man rose to prominence by “going along to get along” and now he jealously protects HIS position at the detriment of Conservatism. He jealously protect HIS position at the detriment of good and balanced government working to represent ALL citizens and not just those in power. It isn’t Tea Party members capitulate EVERY TIME Obama, Reid and Pelosi petulantly whine and moan about Republican intransigence. It’s establishment Republicans squirm because they’re afraid not everybody will love them. McConnell’s more afraid of losing his Senate Leadership role than he is of losing control of this country.

“The Senate Conservatives Fund is giving conservatism a bad name. They’re participating in ruining the [Republican] brand,” McConnell said.

So what are we saying here? The “BRAND” is more important than what “the brand” is supposed to stand for. We’re paying for a “brand”, a Rolls Royce” and we’re getting a YUGO in the inoperative and break-down prone Republican Party of today. McConnell says “… ‘the insurgents’ are unaccountable and financially motivated. They pose a threat to the Republican Party’s viability.” (Washington Examiner 12-2-2013)

And McConnell isn’t unaccountable and financially motivated with his attacks launched at the Tea Party members challenging his leadership? His “leadership” has shown a recurrent propensity to fold because Harry Reid sneers meanly and Nancy Pelosi spreads her menopausal, tormented anxiety. McConnell has a proven record for submission, surrender and capitulation.

This drove the Tea Party to demand the Republican leadership come back to its conservative base and reject the unbridled moderation surrenders before entering the field of battle.

McConnell is chapped on his tiny white buttocks. The Senate Conservatives Fund is backing a Republican primary challenger against McConnell in 2014. The Senate Conservatives Fund involvement is forcing McConnell to dedicate more Republican money to HIS campaign than can be spread over the party to assure he’ll remain Senate Minority Leader, a position he covets only slightly less than he does the presidency.

Instead of recognizing Tea Party organizations are backing more conservative candidates and closing ranks around the conservative core of the party, McConnell would rather practice “business as usual” and vilify anybody challenges him with Alinskyist tactics like blaming them for his future failures; failures he’s assured he’ll suffer if McConnell continues the tactical blunders and capitulation he’s noted for. Instead of recognizing there’s something more important than his ambition (like conservative goals), McConnell and his RINO establishment cronies attack anybody and everybody NOT licking their boots at daily muster (think McCain and Graham).

It’s a shame McConnell won’t fight the socialist leanings of the Democrat Party as much as he’s willing to fight his detractors. It’s a shame he’d rather submit than fight. Quisling must me one of his all-time heroes.

McConnell and his entourage would be better served if they’d remember the roots nourished this tree of liberty than tempt the fates and allow their personal root rot to cause that tree’s death. The way they’re going they’re not too far from allowing us to become the Socialist States of America.

Patriots will that fight prospect to the death.

Thanks for listening.

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