The SEIU’s Minimum Wage Goon Show Is Coming To Baton Rouge

Fox 44 in Baton Rouge has a copy of the press release put out by the SEIU, which is planning a one-day strike at the McDonald’s at Perkins Road and College Drive in Baton Rouge and at 1522 Johnston Street in Lafayette tomorrow as part of a national job action

As fast-food workers across the nation prepare a new wave of strikes to raise their wages, Baton Rouge residents will protest at McDonald’s against low wages and in support of the workers’ call for $15 per hour and the right to form a union without retaliation.

WHAT: Protest Against Poverty Wages at McDonald’s in Support of Fast-Food Worker Strikes for Higher Wages to Boost America’s Economy

WHO: Baton Rouge Residents through Low Pay Is Not Okay

WHERE: McDonalds, 4615 Perkins Rd, Baton Rouge, 70808

WHEN: Thursday, December 5 at 12:30 PM

A growing number of consumers and ordinary families are concerned that attempts by corporations in the fast food industry to hold down wages are slowing down the economy.

As thousands of fast-food workers go on strike from coast to coast, Baton Rouge residents will join the strikers’ call for wages that allow them to afford the basics, put money back into their local economies and no longer be forced onto public assistance programs to make ends meet.

This protest in Baton Rouge will be one of more than 100 actions in cities across the country in support of the fast-food worker movement that started with 200 workers striking in New York City a year ago. The movement has grown steadily since then.

We don’t really need to explain how the idea of fast-food workers being in unions or making $15 an hour is destructive.

What we can point out, though, is that fast food restaurants can’t survive at their current price points if they’ve got to pay $15 an hour to order-takers and burger-flippers who don’t produce anything close to that number in value to their employers. Those restaurants will have to increase prices – and if they do, they’re going to force a whole lot of low-income customers to either go hungry or not have money for other items they need.

This effort will hurt poor people. It will force people to lose their jobs.

If you’ve been working at McDonald’s for more than a year and you’re still only making $8 an hour, no union is going to help you – because you’re not helping yourself. You’re not acquiring skills your employer needs, and you’re not producing sufficient value for your employer to be rewarded.

In other words, you’re doing it wrong. And political agitation for $15 an hour to flip burgers isn’t going to fix that.

Here’s hoping that Valluzzo Management, the franchisee for that McDonald’s outlet on Perkins Road, fires every one of their workers tomorrow and replaces them with honest, eager folks who are willing to earn what they make and move ahead in life rather than attempt to bring in unions to destroy their employer’s business model.

What’s worst about this is the fact that the average skilled tradesman in America is in his late 50’s, and there is a major shortage of those tradesmen which is being filled more and more by illegal aliens. And SEIU and other far-left unions are out trying to get $15 an hour for burger-flippers when they know that’s going to result in a whole lot less of them being employed AND, in all likelihood, higher prices at places like McDonald’s for customers who can’t afford them in this economy – when what will actually help the people who really need $15 an hour to support a family is to move them into a skilled trade where that kind of pay is very easily attainable.

It’s a disgusting display, and the silver lining is that at least in Louisiana we have Right To Work.

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