Well, This Might Be The Worst Thing Yet

This isn’t the Obama administration’s ad, like the PajamaBoy thing is. This is put out by a third party left-wing group attempting to get gay people to sign up for Obamacare.

And it will be difficult to stomach for most of our readers.

The outfit responsible for this bit of messaging is Out2Enroll.org. And their funding comes from something called the Sellers Dorsey Foundation, at whose web site you’ll find all kinds of factoids about how lousy the outcomes are in health care among “LGBT” people, which is somewhat interesting since when people who aren’t advocates of the gay lifestyle have mentioned those factoids as reasons why the gay lifestyle ought to be discouraged the gay lobby has screamed bloody murder about homophobia.

But back to this ad, in the event you managed to make it through the whole thing – wouldn’t you expect gay people to be offended by it? If you’re gay, that means you’re powerless to resist the persuasive power of a man’s tight rear end and thus must sign up for rip-off health insurance?

That’s insulting and offensive, to everyone.

And it suggests that people who can’t get jobs at ad agencies doing actual marketing find their way to well-heeled left-wing foundations to ply their trade, where actual results don’t govern the retention of one’s job.

There are lots of people from well-heeled left-wing foundations working in the Obama administration, by the way.

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