Have You Seen The Video Where David Cameron Gives The UK Away?

We ran across this month-old eye-opener, and we wish it was a bit better-produced. All the same, it’s frightening – in it, David Cameron (the Conservative Prime Minister of Great Britain, of Obama-Mandela selfie fame) is speaking to a group of party activists and he says that it’s not tenable for British Conservatives to open the door to immigration if there aren’t Muslims at the top of all facets of British society.

What Cameron is trying to say in this video is something not dissimilar to what a lot of Republicans are saying in America – namely, that the ideals the party is espousing transcend race and it’s important for people to perceive the GOP as a party which represents communities other than just that of white folks.

Except when Republicans engage this dynamic, they’re talking about (mostly) bringing more black and Hispanic voters into the fold.

What Cameron is doing, which is pretty similar to somebody smoking at a gas pump, is applying that thinking to Muslim immigrants from countries like Somalia, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan – where Western concepts like the rule of law, tolerance for feminism and homosexuality, freedom of speech and religious diversity are as foreign as space aliens.

What he’s saying is that since British Conservatism is an ideology of those who are successful in society, it’s crucial to develop Muslim avatars of that ideology in order to maintain a majority.

And while there is truth in that, it’s important to underscore what Cameron is NOT saying – namely, that it’s crucial to maintain a British society which is overwhelmingly composed of Christians whose culture is that of “Cry God for Harry, England and St George!” Cameron doesn’t say “Hey, perhaps we should attempt to let the air out of our full-on mass immigration program until we can assimilate the people we have.” And that’s what many, if not a large majority, of the British people actually want.

This seems like a rather stark capitulation to the soft decline of multiculturalism. After all, if you remove the United States of America from the analysis there is no more dominant, productive, innovative and in the main morally sound culture on the planet than that of Great Britain. It’s difficult to recognize as reasonable or sane the idea that British culture shouldn’t be preserved as sacred within that country’s borders.

And yet here is Cameron – who comes from a party which is supposed to be the one which preserves and defends the culture and traditions of British society against the depredations of the UK Labor Party and its Fabian socialism – essentially giving away the store by suggesting that the Tories promote Muslims at every turn to represent it.

Little wonder that the UK Independence Party, which is marrying free-market economics with the kind of common-sense nationalism a country like Great Britain would have found wholly unremarkable 50 years ago, is growing by leaps and bounds. UKIP is probably the future of British politics – because people like Cameron have lost sight of the fact that his charge as the country’s prime minister is to preserve the nation rather than to pander to its immigrant minorities, regardless of what the demographic trends might be.

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