SARGE: Think Of The Roman Empire

Chris Christie opened a vein and bled himself in hopes his pain will cleanse him of the toxins in his administration.

We’ll see how this all pans out on the broader political stage. The curtain will rise and we’ll see who is left standing after the rusty razor fight we know the Republican primaries to be.

Christie’s holding his own at the moment.

Government should be viewed from a set of multi-focal binoculars. One lens and objective should be focused to see the “big picture” of governmental endeavor. The other must be set to more clearly and specifically inspect the working of his inner circle; it’s more the job of a microscope than a telescope. One is narrow focus; the other general.

Government is constructed to stand atop a megalithic structure akin to the Washington Monument. Today, Obama sits at the pinnacle. He’s displayed his adroitness at seeing a “big picture” through his “big picture” objective. He has goals. He’s on a mission to accomplish those goals and he’s delegated minions to exact control over the lives of millions of people through their departments and duties. He expects they’ll know what’s best for his administration; not the American people.

Former Secretary of Defense Robert M Gates’s memoir exposes the fact low level minions in the Obama administration felt it their right to contact Combat Commanders in-country to second-guess, direct and influence performance in the field. Then Obama denies his culpability for these people interfering in matters they have no expertise in at the levels they’re insinuating themselves.

America’s governmental structure is top-heavy with organizational, administrative personnel writing, endorsing and pushing restrictive regulatory edicts Obama rubber stamps or “auto-signs” with an aplomb equaling the worst bureaucratic hacks noted in any administration. His focus on the “big picture” makes him incapable of seeing he needs to close that one eye and focus with the other. He must focus on the effect his policies and directive edicts have on REAL people suffering his incompetence and narcissistic governmental interference. Issuing edicts make him feel he’s transcending an impotent Congress as it’s constructed itself to date. But his acts, his cabinet’s and those of Congress and their Congressional Staff members, are only excessive masturbatory self-gratification.

Witness the Affordable Care Act (ACA/ObamaCare). This legislative act was constructed to address the raw emotions of those having less: less understanding of people’s insurance needs, less awareness of how government is directed and controlled by outside forces with agendas of their own, and any awareness that politicians LIE OUTRIGHT to feather their personal nests and enrich themselves and their cronies.

The ACA’s sponsors have no idea how insurance industry works.

Some people merely vote for those giving them what they want as opposed to helping them earn what they need. Some people have no problem biting off the teat suckles them rather than learn to chew more nutritional fare making them stronger and more self-sufficient. Big government, looking only at the “big picture” shackles this population only to jeopardize them when the next administration takes control.

Or, as we’re seeing daily, the difference between the two political parties isn’t a solid line of demarcation. It’s an ever-widening and lightening shade of gray. It’s more a mist than a fog where the opposing shoreline’s a mirror image of your own; a mirage we want to see.

The Megalithic structure of government removes its leadership from the people. And though the head of the government may see himself as being on a pedestal, the leader must also see a pedestal has a narrow base. This narrow base makes it susceptible to being toppled by outside forces.

This is why the Founding Fathers (from an understanding of government displacing its citizens from their personal liberties) caused them to phrase the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as they did. This is so the people, those most easily distanced from their liberties through the acts of unscrupulous people seeking dominance over their brothers and sisters, may seek redress of grievances; by revolution if necessary. The megalith always falls from its personally engineered weaknesses.

Think of the Roman Empire.

Thanks for listening.

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