SARGE: Creating Young Pioneers

When I was a kid, just slightly post-Pleistocene, I was told how the children were the responsibility of the state in Mutha Russia. All children attended state run schools and all children wore the same uniform: shorts, white shirts and red scarves. I believe they were called “Young Pioneers”. This organization still exists in Cuba. There’s something about the image of children driven into queues and herded into politicized activities publicizing a bunch of control freaks’ dogma. This is what’s happening in America. In Mutha Russia and Cuba it’s called the Young Pioneer Program; in America we call it Common Core.

Common Core advocates are self-described as “progressive” and only concerned with elevating standardized testing scores so as to look as they’re actually accomplishing something of value. They’re not. They just never learned the old adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

Their guiding principle is “if it ain’t broke, tear it apart and find out why it ain’t broke”! Once they understand how it’s put together, they imagine they’ve found ways to improve it no matter what the emplaced system.

For those of you who don’t believe the process is taking place here: look at the efforts to stem “gang influence” in public schools and the steps to halt that terrifying encroachment. The first thing done is to remove all remnants of individuality in children by placing them in uniform. Then monkey with the educational program so everybody, both those challenged and those who are exceptionally talented or capable of processing education at a greater and faster rate, and standardize the curriculum they must follow. Be sure you troll the educational pool’s depths to find the latest, greatest bottom feeder with a theory he exalts before political dumb basses seeking to gain traction for their progressive efforts to make American children competitive on the world stage.

When I was young, Mutha Russia put a puppy into space, immediately after launching a satellite called SPUTNIK. America was embarrassed when a nation of Cossacks and goatherds schlepping around communist collectives beat us into space. They were starving because collectives only collect efficiently; they screw up distribution more often than not. But, they were first to shoot a living being into space. Evidently it didn’t matter if Laika (the dog’s name) made it back alive. Laika’s job was to go up and forget about what was going to happen when Laika come down: hard.

We began a race to the moon. It was found through statistical analysis American school children were educationally behind children of other nations. Americans’ skills in math and science were sadly deficient. The sky was immediately said to be falling and the educational mavens of the nation began trying to fix what “ain’t broke”.

I suggest the system wasn’t “broke” because it was America made it to the moon first. It’s consistently been American innovation and scientific development that’s led the world until theorists started screwing with the system and trying to fix what wasn’t broken.

Now, the “experts” want Common Core and always say: “we want all children to have the opportunity to go to college so they may experience income equality”! What they really mean is they want all children to be like them. They equate success with a series of ego-elevating letters following their names. The letters proclaim they made it farther through a corrupt system serving no greater purpose than ego massage.

The next thing I ask is this: just who in hell said you, the socially illiterate screaming for the ascendency of the educational illuminati are something I want my kid to emulate? You’re a hyper-educated dumb bass with a degree; and it’s not a degree of simple sense. My wife birthed individuals, not bricks in the wall.

In closing I want to relate a story told us in school as to how the Young Pioneer program affected the family. There’s allegedly a statue erected in a park somewhere in Russia (my memory is a little challenged because this was learned over 50 years ago) commemorating a child who turned in his parents to the state police for crimes against the state. This was supposed to have happened under Stalin and as I see it, makes the story credible. The child is allegedly dressed in a Young Pioneer uniform. It’s possibly a matter of communist propaganda to exalt a child thinking his sole responsibility is to the state. The story ends with the kid being murdered by his family for getting “dear old Dad” sent to a firing squad to act as a bullet-trap.

But, it does serve to show the drive of the state to mold little people into mindlessly obedient, disciplined and state educated pawns used as fodder to grow later generations of the same.

Simply put: Common Core won’t work. What will work is having parents become involved in school board efforts to shove Common Core down their throats. Just sitting on your duff won’t keep them from shoving it “where the sun don’t shine.”

Thanks for listening.

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