SARGE: One Wahoo Glitch

One of the main planks in Conservative’s Platforms is the call for the proper oversight of welfare programs, funds and the qualification requirements for participation in the programs. We want reforms in welfare and other entitlements when they are abused by recipients. One of the Ten Commandments is: Thou shalt not steal and taking taxpayer funds you’re not entitled to is stealing; or at least it used to be before Progressive politicians started redefining not only the definition of the word but the commandments as well.

As an example: should a recipient earning a salary (off the books) by accepting cash on a pay-as-the-day -goes basis. The recipient pays NO taxes but walks away with cash funds. Then, this recipient would receive a monthly stipend of several hundred dollars from the state. Funds acquired from the state would be on an increasing scale dependent on the number of children requiring Aid For Dependent Children (AFDC).  The more dependent children claimed means more money for the recipient. This is developed from taxpayer funds.

Should unemployment benefits be financed for almost indeterminate and extendable timeframes determined by Executive Order issued arbitrarily and arguably to enhance a voter base dependent on taxpayer funds to survive both fiscally and politically?

Questions like these are regularly challenged as being racist, as though minorities are the only ones responsible for abuses. Congress and Federal and State Law Enforcement authorities have not been merely lax, but are more easily defined as malfeasant in the performance of their duties to ferret out criminal abuses of welfare systems.

Recently, Louisiana’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) aka Food Stamps, suffered a major computer glitch. This was one major wahoo of a glitch causing a rush on Walmart Stores near Springfield and Mansfield, two communities in North Louisiana. This glitch caused an overall loss of $315,386 to Walmart when the computer program allowed unlimited benefits related purchases the recipients were NOT entitled to under the system. There are an estimated 500 people suspected of what amounts to welfare fraud and are susceptible to the penalty of a one (1) year suspension of benefits for the person who received the unentitled purchases.

That means only the person actually found guilty of taking advantage of the glitch can be removed from receiving benefits. Does anybody really believe this “penalty” will impact anybody? In all likelihood the kids in the family will receive smaller breakfast, lunch and dinner portions and they may be punished with losing premium cable.

The Feds and the State really lost NO funds. This was because the system actually did NOT allow for it to spend never-ending scrip produced in a basement storage area of the Capitol building. Walmart, by law, is responsible for the costs of any non-sufficiently funded purchases. The thieves get slapped on the wrists. The morons at the state and federal level get off scot-free and Walmart catches it in the bottom line.

Now, in what’s supposed to be accepted as a major breakthrough in the case, out of the suspected 12,000 (12 thousand) people investigated (of which many were found to be ineligible for SNAP) six people were removed from the Food Stamp recipient list. Lindsey DeBlieux of the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) said the six disqualified are first-time offenders. Being removed from the recipient’s list doesn’t preclude food stamp benefits from the household, she said. It was stated should the benefit cover a mother, father and three children, and one parent abusively used the card the benefit would only be reduced to cover four in the household instead of five. (please see paragraph 2)

In an effort to indicate cooperation between Louisiana law enforcement entities, DCFS shared the gathered information with the Louisiana State Police, attorney general and parish district attorneys in order for officials to begin investigations determining if criminal laws were violated.

So when somebody tells you government can best protect you from the base elements of the criminal underbelly of society, remember DCFS has NO ability to protect you without a committee assignment delegating the authority to arrest.

Now do you understand why we advocate for the Second Amendment and demand oversight and controls? You can go broke or die waiting for the law to actually be enforced. Sheesh!

Thanks for listening.

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