Quote Of The Day, April 25, 2014

“On Cliven Bundys remarks about the Negro (Black): Were they articulate? No. Were they well-advised? No. Were they within his frame of current reference? No.Were they RACIST? No. I have never been an attorney, but if I played one on TV, I would advise my client, ‘WHEN YOU ARE WINNING, SHUT UP!’ Folks, Bundy was saying, in his way, what many of us including the smartest man on the PLANET, Dr. Thomas Sowell (who is in my movie), have been saying for years. And that is, Black people (Negroes) were a BETTER PEOPLE as far as self-reliance, family values, education and personal direction when we had less access in this country. NOT THAT THE COUNTRY WAS BETTER TO US, we were better to ourselves. This is what he was attempting to say. Now, why was he was attempting to say it? Well, again, Mr. Bundy, as your TV attorney, Leave it alone.”

C.L. Bryant

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