SARGE: Quixote Into The Breach

The blank, white sheet of paper was replaced by the technologically advance, blank, white screen. It doesn’t get better with time.

But, I think I’m seeing a little bit of “color”, a little bit of the precious political lucre necessary to comment on. Mark Twain said: “If you don’t like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.” The same can be said of Washington.

Joe Biden is traveling to Ukraine. I guess the Russians don’t get the Cartoon Channel ®. They need a comedy infusion by Obama sending the Court Jester to entertain the troops: The Ukrainian Troops. Where’s Bob Hope when you need him? Instead of salient political reinforcement the Ukrainians are getting a joke in threadbare pinstripes. It should be interesting to watch “the man who tastes his shoe” gaffe his way across this political stage.

In matters of highly charged and powerful emotions, the Ukrainians are being shown old newsreels of Neville Chamberlain and being instructed to not recognize the similarities between 1938 and 2014. Seventy-six years and nobody’s learned a damned thing. This is a harbinger of things to come. Because Putin is saying he’s protecting the interests of ethnic, Russian speaking people everybody’s turning a blind eye to the fact Adolph Hitler used virtually the same excuse to steal the Sudetenland and then invade Poland and Czechoslovakia.

But this was spoken of before. And, there have been Obama apologists trying to point out the fact this has little similarity to events of 1938. To them I say: shut you bunch of liars and B.S. artists. This is an exact replication of the tactic proving George Santayana was correct: “Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.”

But I’d say there’s a corollary: “Those who reject the past as controvertible are doomed to die as their forebears.”

Earlier we alluded to this being a time of “highly charged and powerful emotions”. This is a point where the will of men considered strong and robust are grabbing the reins of War Horses and moving to the sound of the guns. Putin’s in the saddle of his roan charger (reddish-brown battle horse). Putin’s a psychopath looking to bring back the world he once expected would be controlled by the muthas in Russia. He’s the resurrected ideal of a Soviet Napoleon looking to conquer the world or at least recreate the old USSR.

Obama is Don Quixote riding a sway-backed; half-dead nag as he conducts a demented and severely delusional concept of foreign policy. It’s based in socialist ideology saying ONLY financial sanctions can affect any government’s thinking. Biden is his Sancho Panza; an ass riding a donkey. They practice the schizophrenic policy of removing sanctions against Iran, a nation actively pursuing the development of nuclear weapons allowing them the capital to beg, borrow or steal enriched Uranium through blackmailing oil-hungry European nations. Obama removed the very restrictions he now wants to impose on a nation already antagonistic to American and European ideals but already has nuclear weapons.

Obama’s a fool and Biden’s an idiot. Instead of giving support, we send poor imitations of statesmen in the bodies of John Kerry and Joe Biden to issue vapid pronunciations uttered in accompaniment with financial sanctions against Putin’s entourage. Ouch!! Vlad can’t use his American Express anymore. What’s his answer to this? Start a new economic program as useless and viable as the now nearly destroyed American economic system. If Europe wants to keep drinking Russian/ Ukrainian gas and oil; they’ll need to become fluent in Moscow-speak as it applies to monetary exchange rates.

Biden will speak on international efforts to strengthen Ukraine’s economic future and ways to bolster their energy security. He’ll try to point this out through using constitutional reformation.

That’s rich: the Obama administration lecturing Ukraine on their constitution and how to best use it for their future growth!

I hope the dummy understands the Ukrainian Constitution better than he does the Constitution of the United States of America. We’ve seen he has no clue of what’s going on here.

Maybe he’ll go there next. It could only help us.

Thanks for listening.

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