Low Popahirum, National Edition (5-13-14)

“Most conservatives and just about all independents have a huge misperception of the Left. They think that the gulf between conservatism and leftism is primarily about means, not goals. This perception is wrong. It is their goals that are irreconcilable. And until conservatives, independents, and the Republican party understand this, it will not be possible to defeat the Left.” – Dennis Prager/National Review

“Republican strategist Karl Rove on Tuesday distanced himself from a provocative New York Post headline, saying he does not believe — as the newspaper asserted — that former secretary of state Hillary Clinton suffered ‘brain damage’ from a head injury in 2012.” – Washington Post

“House Majority Leader Eric Cantor faced a raucous crowd Saturday, including loud boos and heckles from Tea Party activists presumably supporting his long-shot primary opponent, professor Dave Brat. ” – Breitbart

““If the Republicans don’t do it, they shouldn’t bother to run a candidate in 2016,” Donohue joked at an event on infrastructure investment in D.C. “Think about that. Think about who the voters are. I just did that to get everybody’s attention.” – POLITICO

“My question: Will Shaich pay $10.10 an hour to the kiosks he plans to install in every Panera in America? Businessweek tells that at the coffee and sandwich shop, you’ll soon be ordering through a touch-screen kiosk. Shaich insists this won’t lead to downsizing: Panera will have fewer cashiers but more employees running the food to customers’ tables. We’ll see.” – Timothy Carney/Washington Examiner

“It took me a while to figure out what was so off about former acting CIA Director Michael Morell’s forthright statement that he supports the House investigating committee on Benghazi:” – Moe Lane/RedState

“Someone let Al Gore know the South Pole isn’t melting. Antarctic sea ice coverage reached record levels for April, hitting 3.5 million square miles — the largest on record.” – Daily Caller

“We have a new contender for most-telling-ever Obamacare quote this morning: ‘We have to break people away from the choice habit that everyone has.’ That’s Marcus Merz, head of Minnesota health insurer PreferredOne, in a New York Times report on the increasing prevalence of narrow network health plans.” – Reason

“‘Do not react, scream or argue,’ says the brochure, which will be disseminated at Brazilian embassies and other consulates, according to the BBC. Police warn tourists against flaunting valuables to check and make sure no one’s following them. Mario Leite, the director of World Cup security in Sao Paulo says ‘tourists come mainly from Europe and the United States, where they do not see this crime very often. … There is no use crying over spilt milk.'” – Washington Post

Crisco was 71. He was running against former singer Clay Aiken for the Democratic nomination in North Carolina’s 2nd District. Nearly a week after the polls had closed, the race was too early to call on Monday morning, as provisional, absentee, and military absentee ballots had yet to be tallied. Aiken was in the lead with 40.8 percent of the vote. Crisco was right behind him with 39.5 percent, and Toni Morris trailed with 19.6 percent of the vote.” – National Journal

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