Low Popahirum, National Edition (5-22-14)

But this win-loss story line doesn’t reflect reality. The real struggle in 2014 is not between the GOP establishment and the Tea Party but within the Tea Party itself. And, more importantly, in spite of this struggle, the Tea Party continues to ascend.” – RealClear Politics

“Consequently, it’s fashionable to hate on the tea party. In fact, it has been as long as the tea party has existed. But let’s not forget that these angry conservative populists have gotten a few big things right.” – Daily Caller

“Hispanics are often described as driving up the nonwhite share of the population. But a new study of census forms finds that more Hispanics are identifying as white.” – NY Times

“One unavoidable truth that must be faced regarding the media and 2014 is this: the American media has the conservatives’ number.  They know exactly where the blind spots are, which are the most sensitive points, and how to do the most damage. And they have absolutely no compunction about taking advantage of it.” – American Thinker

“FBI Director James Comey was back before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday and had few answers to offer a passionate U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, about the ongoing IRS investigation.” – BizPAC Review

“A group of Hollywood environmentalists are defending their intentions to create an anti-fracking film funded by oil interests in the Middle East after unwittingly participating in a James O’Keefe’s latest sting.” – Breitbart

But why Carson? There are plenty of other amateurs out there as well. Donald Trump is always talking about running for President. Steve Forbes ran twice as an amateur politician and I don’t recall the Journal or the Weekly Standard registering any complaints. Terzian does mention these two in passing but where was he four years ago when they were out on the hustings? Instead, he offers the example of General James Gavin, a World War II general who had a boomlet in 1968 during the Vietnam War. I lived through that era and frankly I have no recollection of General Gavin, nor can I understand why his case offers any enlightenment. (Is there a long-ago Ph.D. thesis lurking here?) Terzian offers an explanation. Gavin came from a hard-scrabble background, an orphan raised by a Pennsylvania coal mining family. Carson has a similar appeal. He came from a family of preachers that migrated north until his parents split up and he was raised by his single mother. So what? Ronald Reagan came from a similarly difficult family background? So did Bill Clinton? What’s the point?” – William Tucker/American Spectator

“You helped elect an untested presidential candidate, a man almost as liberal as you. He promised to heal the oceans, make health care an inalienable right, and transform Washington’s toxic culture. You mocked Republicans, independents, and squishy Democrats who had the audacity to criticize your guy, much less doubt the inevitability of his victory. President Obama won—twice—and then didn’t live up to anybody’s expectations, including his own. What do you do? Well, if you’re Ezra Klein and a coterie of inflexibly progressive pundits, you repurpose an attack used against President George W. Bush’s bombastic approach to geopolitics. You call anybody who questions Obama’s leadership style a Green Lanternist. In a post for Vox stretching beyond 2,500 words, Klein makes his case against Obama critics.” – National Journal

“Yesterday I noted that the Obama administration snuck the mechanism and $3.5 billion in funding for an insurer bailout, bypassing Congress and wheedling insurance companies to keep 2015 premiums low. The Hill’s report on the announcement dates for rate hikes explains the timing of this effort. Thirteen states will announce the newly approved rate plans for 2015 — including a handful of those Democrats desperately need to keep in the midterms:” – Hot Air

“For the left, the Department of Veterans Affairs is how health care is ideally supposed to work. No insurance companies, no private doctors, no competition — just the government and the patient.” – Rich Lowry/POLITICO

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