SARGE: It Took A Long Time

“Climate Change”, formerly “Global Warming”, is regularly and seriously debated as being real or imaginary, imminently dangerous and a boondoggle in general. Such is the effect of politics trying to guide science.

Is “Climate Change” real? Yes. They call them seasons. The impact of seasons varies over time. Cyclic meanderings of globally influenced climatic shifts following recognizable changes over time and sharing one major point of thought man refuses to understand: there’s not a bloody thing man can do about it. When the overall scope and expanse of the problem is viewed as a reality we have about as much chance of changing the weather as he has of ending his desire to kill his neighbor to control the bounty his neighbor has at the moment.

We’ve gone from Native Tribesmen seeking to supplicate the Gods by dancing in the dust and praying for the Sky Father to fertilize the Earth Mother and bring forth the bounty from her loins to shooting chemicals into the air to “seed” clouds and make them drop their water when and where we want it delivered. Not much has worked and weather is created according to what we know and understand but still don’t grasp how we can change it on command.

The weather doesn’t care about Al Gore and regularly stumps and stymies his efforts to explain the unfathomable. It’s a fact man can’t change squat when it comes to meteorology. We graph and gauge rainfall in one area and accept this will have an effect at another eventually. But we can’t make it change at a totally different location either through science of faith. We can’t exert our influence over weather when and where we wish it.

The question comes to mind: how can WE as Americans change the course of “Climate Change” on our own? Answer: we can’t. As long as the two most populace nations on the planet, China and India, are the greatest pollutants both by population and carbon footprint change their ways, the United States can’t dream of having an effect on climate. As long as the Earth has tectonic plates, subterranean magma layers and explosive expulsion of carbon dioxide and other noxious gases into the atmosphere, we’ll continue to be ineffectual in our efforts to change the weather.

It’s true we should be better stewards of the planet and its wealth of nutrients we need for our survival. There’s no doubt about it. But, we need to view the problem as a world-wide issue. And there’s no way that’s going to happen because of the greed and self-service endemic in man’s egotistical nature.

WE shouldn’t pollute the waters as we do. We shouldn’t foul the air as we regularly do. We shouldn’t do a lot of things will ultimately do to endanger our safety and continuation on this world as people. But, we do them.

The big question arises in my mind and it goes along the line of the puppy watching traffic pass until decides he wants to chase the cars. He runs along beside the cars merrily barking and yowling as though his action alone will allow him to capture his prey. Finally he stops and his dad walks up behind him and asks: “whatcha doing son?” “I’m gonna get me a car daddy” he said after running himself into a sweaty lather. “So, whatcha gonna do with it when you catch it” his dad asked. And it was there that the knowledge of the enormity of the quest started sinking in.

Instead of asking greedy little gnomes like Gore how much money he needs from selling “carbon credits” to people foolish enough to believe he’s not simply pocketing the profits, we need to explore ways to change China’s and India’s perception of their impact on the problem. It’s only then we’ll start changing the situation built up over centuries of human advancement and destruction in the name of societal progress.

This took centuries to evolve. It’ll take a long time to cure. But first you have to define the problem honestly and not determine where the greatest profit will come from. That’s what got us here in the first place.

Thanks for listening.

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