SARGE: Political Flatulence

I like Harry Truman. Though I was a mere child when the man inhabited the planet with me I learned he was an irascible, intelligent and morally strong world-leader thrust into power upon the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Along with a strong work ethic he was noted for his ethics in general. He went so far as to place a placard on his desk: “The Buck Stops Here”.

I loved it and still do.

But, today the only thing a buck does is fly out of Washington’s window like a dove got the feed and absconded with it to never look back at the consequences of its actions. In its action, the dove removes the feed from the rest of the flock and the jeopardy becomes noticeable.

Hilary Clinton is being pilloried (rightfully) for her actions, lack of actions and reactions in response to the Benghazi Homicides. It was a policy failure of the Obama administration at a level where Clinton was the primary supervisor. She wanted to be Secretary of State to pad her resume’ and thus make herself appear more suitable for the presidency she’ll almost assuredly campaign for in 2016. Saying so doesn’t make you qualified.

The primary influence of the candidates is noted in their campaign promises. These promises carry all of the weight and presence of a popcorn fart in a hurricane. They have no value. Take a look at the way they’re projected with claims and statement made at the top of their voices and at the pounding of a limp-wristed fist dropped heavily to the podium that they will “do this” or “do that” to get things done.

Fact is, the average politician will be thrust to the background and sat at a desk to be tutored in the basics of the job by subordinates. Congressmen, Senators and Presidents lean heavily on political ideology to gain their positions and spend less time than most people think actually becoming proficient in the applications of that ideology and understanding the effects of that ideology on the people. It’s more a matter of getting the job so you can say you had the job; and that as shown in the case of past presidents not dead, allows for exorbitant speaker and appearance fees.

The taking of responsibility for personal actions is something this administration is singularly NOT noted for. Obama says everything is and was George W. Bush’s fault. The Republicans are obstructionist because they refuse to pass his legislation or allow him to slide the ring into their noses (though they do share extreme culpability for the descent of American loss of standing and respect both domestically and abroad) and be led around with a halter. Obama’s crew, including Hilary, always grab the spotlight when they can see how to “spin a win”.

But they NEVER accept responsibility for their screw-ups. Truman must be spinning in his grave for the ignominy of this administration’s bent truths, opacity after promising transparency and outright lying at the cost of America’s esteem on the world stage. This country must not even look familiar to Obama’s deceased predecessors.

Politics is the only employment opportunity where I see people who suck gaining prominence in public as their heads swell no matter what gas they pass at the podium. Egos are inflated while waste gases are projected. What’s being said here is: nobody I’ve met so far (beyond a mere one or two here and there) have little to no moral substance guiding their campaigns. It’s always a matter of the “end justifying the means”. Look at the “Campaign Christians “caught cheating on their spouses and witness the cliché as fact.

That famous placard should be pulled from the Smithsonian and placed back on the desk of the president permanently. But this should be done after having been used a club (it is a brass plated chunk of wood after all) to slap the newest incumbent upside his/her head and having explained there is culpability and responsibility for your actions.

A president accepting responsibility for his actions and those of his cabinet would be refreshing.

Thanks for listening.

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