Low Popahirum, National Edition (6-25-14)

“House Speaker John Boehner announced Wednesday he plans to file suit against President Obama over his alleged abuse of executive power.” – Fox News

“The Obama administration-driven calamity at this nation’s southern border is no naiveté-caused accident. Instead, it’s the latest manifestation of what clear-eyed observers must recognize is just one of many concerted attempts to overwhelm this nation’s institutions and its social, psychological and physical infrastructure for the apparent purpose of leaving it permanently weakened and fundamentally changed.” – PJ Media

You have to hand it to the GOP establishment. When their interests are threatened, they pull out all the stops. They demonstrated that in dragging GOP senator Thad Cochran across the finish line in tonight’s runoff in Mississippi.” – John Fund/National Review

I was at a boozy Washington function a few years ago when in walked Bob McDonnell, then-governor of Virginia, and Haley Barbour, then-governor of Mississippi. McDonnell hung back with a beer in his hand and rarely in his mouth, making small talk at the edge of the crowd. Barbour stormed into the middle of the party brandishing both a whiskey and a long-neck, slapping backs and shouting in a marble-mouthed southern accent, good to f—king see this one and it’s been too f—king long with that one.” – Matt Purple/American Spectator

“Obama has made a big show of demanding the Shia dominated Iraqi government make some political overtures and concessions to Sunnis (and I guess the Kurds but they are off doing their own thing) as a condition for increased US help. Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has rejected that idea.” – Ace of Spades

“A group more radical than al-Qaeda, better organized, better financed, commanding the loyalty of thousands of dedicated fanatics including many with Western and even U.S. passports? And this group now controls some of the most strategic territory at the heart of the Middle East?Walter Russell Mead/Mosaic

“While Iraqi government officials continue to claim that they are making advances in defeating the jihadist group Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), Kurdish forces on the ground report that ISIS has begun to slowly isolate Baghdad, targeting cities in the Sunni north as well as Shi’ite south.” – Breitbart

“Muppet News Flash: Dopey socialists still hate capitalism.” – Kevin Williamson/National Review

“Remember when the Obama administration considered a GDP contraction of 1% in the first quarter just a hiccup, mainly caused by weather? Good times, good times. That itself was a rather sharp downward revision from the advance estimate of 0.1%, but that was just a mere stumble compared to the plunge in the final revision. The Commerce Department now states that GDP fell at an annualized rate of -2.9% in the first quarter, the worst in more than five years:” – Hot Air

A rodeo clown has two jobs: providing comic relief to the audience and protecting the cowboy from getting hurt. In this clip, David Gregory shows us perhaps the best attempt at impersonating one ever before seen.” – IJ Review

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