SARGE: Lt. Botox Blunders Again

Whenever I have a problem finding an idea for a column, I wait for either Obama or the great rectum, John Kerry to say something I can challenge. We understand Obama’s basic incompetence and lack of command presence other than to brand anything he finds remotely critical of his administration is either racist or partisan politics in his mind. Both are Alinskyist tactics to deflect anybody from recognizing the criticism is correct.

Obama released five high-level Taliban strategists to get one soldier who may/may not be a deserter. That’s the equivalent of trading Eisenhower, Bradley, Patton, U.S. Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman to Adolph Hitler and Robert E. Lee. The disastrous possibilities should be obvious. The stipulations of the Taliban in “captivity” in Qatar are well known: must stay away from known Taliban associates, must not leave the country, must not speak ill of the Qatari government and must groom their goats daily etcetera, etcetera and blah, blah, blah. We’re sure they can use computers and telephones and plot and plan anything they want to plot and plan. God knows a Fundamentalist Muslim Taliban Extremist would never lie to follow their Fatwa and the tenets of Islam as long as they ONLY do it to an infidel.

Now John Kerry says: “Well, first of all, propaganda is propaganda and they’ll say whatever they want to stir the waters. So, people should not be lured in by their propaganda number one. Number two, we are ending our combat role. Our combat role in Afghanistan is over. We’re going to have very few …y’know…  people in that kind of position on occasion.” It’s this idiot’s belief and statement the American people have nothing to worry about because what the Taliban says is “baloney”. If you ever see “baloney” made you’ll recognize the meat is shredded, cut and smashed into a pulp that’s unpalatable to watch being made but, it’s something you can benefit from as a food source. “Baloney” can benefit you if you pay attention.

Yes. It is true we’re “ending our combat role”. And, yes; “We’re going to have very few …y’know… people in that kind of position on occasion.” Does that mean this refugee from a ketchup cup really believe the Taliban/Islamist Radical Extremist participants will stop blowing up crap because we’re NOT going to be in Afghanistan anymore? Does he believe they won’t start buying shares in Box Cutter Companies and Fertilizer Manufacturers to export their destructive little games of creating as many collaterally damaged innocents as they may create around the world? This would include shipping money to infiltrators already extant in colleges, universities and convenience stores across America.

Where I thought Hilary Clinton was a ridiculous and recognizably inept choice for Secretary of State, John Kerry has once again proven a man with drive, ambition, political acumen and no particular ability as a statesman can screw up most anything he comes in contact with. John Kerry is dumber than Obama because Kerry is Obama’s tool. And he’s not a very sharp one either. It’s a terrible thing to long for the days of the Carter Administration because it would be a step-up over what we endure at the moment.

I know, I know; Kerry has alluded to the fact these five guys could wind-up dead in the future if they are caught on the battlefield or directing battlefield operations. What if they never get caught again? The problem with his theory is there’ll be a lot of dead and maimed people left on that battlefield after these guys have sung their swan song. I guess Kerry never saw collateral damage when he was dragging his entourage through the Swift Boat perils he orchestrated and filmed on his own dime. You’ve got to give Kerry credit. He does issue some memorable dialogue. It doesn’t make any freakin’ sense but it is memorable. I wonder: would a muzzle irritate those Botoxed cheekbones? Maybe they could Botox and paralyze his larynx.

Anyhoo! I must admit whenever I need a tag to grab onto for a column Obama and Kerry never let me down. Now how they let America down is another matter.

Thanks for listening.

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