So Steve Scalise Is Up For Majority Whip?

I hear tell that’s a big deal. It goes Speaker of the House, Majority Leader and Majority Whip, so he’d be the guy in the hole (rather than on deck) when it comes to runnin’ the U.S. House of Representin’.

Sorry. Little Idiocracy reference there. Y’all can’t blame me for that one.

Anyhow, Scalise in that job is a grand idea. After all, the Speaker’s from Ohio, which is kinda purple but still went for Obama in 2008 and 2012 – which means it ain’t exactly a red state. And if this guy McCarthy gets the Majority Leader gig that it sounds like he’s likely to get (there’s a guy, Raul Labrador, who’s from Idaho and who I understand is awesome, who’s runnin’ against this guy McCarthy, but I dunno if he can win), then your Majority Leader’s gonna be from California.

California ain’t a red state. Unless you define “red” like we used to define “red” – as in communist. McCarthy ain’t a communist, but he ain’t exactly Joe McCarthy either.

And that means Scalise would be the only Republican in the leadership who’s actually from a Republican state. What a novel idea that would be – havin’ Republicans from states which actually vote Republican runnin’ things for the Republican House.

It seems kinda radical, don’t it?

The main guy runnin’ against Scalise goes by the name of Roskam. I’m sure he’s a swell fella and all, but he’s from Illinois.

Illinois is where Obama came from. And where Hillary The Clinton came from. And where Dick Durbin (before he dicks you) came from. Illinois ain;t a Republican state.

There’s another guy runnin’ against Scalise name of Stutzman, out of Indiana. I hear tell he’s a solid dude but he can’t win. They get to a second ballot, maybe Scalise can get his votes.

After all, who wouldn’t want to vote for the guy in this video? Y’all remember Scalise droppin’ bombs on Al Gore a few years back? If you haven’t seen this piece of work, enjoy…

Y’all remember what Patton said about that guy MacAuliffe, who was surrounded by ze Germans at Bastogne and told ’em when they demanded his surrender, “Nuts!”?

He said “A man that eloquent must be saved.”

That’s Scalise, right? A man that eloquent must be the whip.

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