Report: Uninsured Did Not Sign Up For Obamacare In Louisiana

It looks like the uninsured are still not insured under Obamacare, at least in Louisiana.

The majority of Louisianans uninsured before Obamacare still did not sign up for the  federal government-run healthcare program, though the Obama administration’s selling point with the healthcare overhaul was that it would insure the uninsured.

In a new report, which you will most likely not read about in the Times Picayune, the Louisiana Hospital Association and WalletHub found that the majority of the 101,778 of Louisiana Obamacare enrollees already had health insurance, they just switched plans.

In fact, the percentage of uninsured Louisianans only dropped from 22.41 percent to 20.91 percent, meaning that only 1.5 percent of the state’s uninsured individuals signed up for Obamacare. Even with the implementation of Obamacare, there are still more than one of every five Louisianans that do not have health insurance.

Louisiana is the third most uninsured state under Obamacare, only behind Texas and Mississippi.



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