SARGE: Harry Reid Gets Dumber

I looked up the word idiotin a children’s illustrated dictionary and a picture of Harry Reid appeared.

If there was any greater Poster Child to evidence the utter and complete disdain the Democrat Party holds for the American citizen in general it must be the fact Harry Reid is a party leader. As a matter of fact he is the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer of the party under Obama. Some people carry Obama’s water like good little Gunga Din; Harry releases a torrent of lies from his position at the control valve holding back any semblance of intelligent debate.

Harry’s latest idiocy involves the following: “The border is secure. Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) talked to the caucus today. He’s a border state senator. He said he can say without any equivocation the border is secure.” THE HAYRIDE 7/15/2014

Somebody needs to explain to Harry nobody with two medulla neurons actively firing believes that whopper. I wonder if Senator Heinrich’s hemorrhoids tickle when Harry inserts his hand for the New Mexico Senator to speak. Even CBS has reported on the border disaster taking place and if those guys see a situation needs attention Stevie Wonder could see it.

So why does Harry Reid think he can make such outrageous statements and believe we’ll swallow it hook, line and stinker? I think it’s because he’s suffering from a particular and peculiar form of political dementia: Democratic Cerebral ideologue’s Dissemination Syndrome. It’s a relatively rare condition noted in career politicians staying over long in Washington. It appears to develop after drinking the Kool-Aid ®served in the Senate cafeteria for too many years and deepens after years of sniffing the methane discharges of others suffering from the same disorder. Nancy Pelosi suffers from the Representative version of the same syndrome.

It’s commentary like Reid issued shows blatantly he no longer has any respect for the intelligence of the average American. He sincerely believes as long as he trumpets the off-key, poorly structured and rhythmically unstable music he robotically reads in his senile fashion the low information, easily bought street whores he caters to will accept anything he says. And the sad part is they do.

Reid said: “My personal belief there is the law that has created some of the controversy now, (the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008), there’s enough … leeway there [that] the executive branch of government doesn’t need new legislation.” John Binder-THE HAYRIDE 7-15-14)

The problem arises in the fact just because Harry Reid and Obama believe something doesn’t make it true. It might be believable if Harry spent any time at all on the border looking to witness and understand what’s happening. But, he only travels to Nevada when he suffers competition for the job he’s been stealing from the people for so long. Therefore, he makes decisions to speak based on what he reads in the funny papers rolled up neatly on the spool next to the toilet in the Senate Restroom. It also might be believable if Harry ever read the Constitution and understood there are 3 branches of government. The Legislative and Judicial Branches are designed to each be responsible not to admire and consent but to advise and dissent when the Executive Branch goes too far.

Reid doesn’t understand this.

Reid wants the Hispanic vote firmly and securely held in the Democrats’ pocket. He wants to nurture those million+ man and woman chrysalises sheltering the growing immature power of strength in social identity and exhibited in bloc voting. Those millions of present and future voters will vote according to whom they perceive will continue driving the gravy train first allowed them to enter this country illegally. They don’t see this will destroy the same nation not able to afford to support their futures based on the labors of others.

Reid and Pelosi will pander and pimp for Immigration Reform better likened to outright Amnesty and open borders. Fools like Rubio pandering to their Miami based- Little Havana strongholds are no better. Old Madams such as John McCain androgynously appearing stalwart and steady in their Conservatism one day and weepy and conciliatory toward “comprehensive immigration reform” the next, are no better.

Everybody wants “comprehensive immigration reform”. The problem arise where none of these dimwits understand you must comprehend or understand what the problem is in the first place; not just spit and dribble something incoherent when a camera and microphone becomes apparent.

Thanks for listening .

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