Ted Cruz Just Called For An Investigation Into The Runoff In Mississippi…

…on Mark Levin’s show tonight.

The Chris McDaniel campaign’s effort to pore through ballot books in Mississippi’s 84 counties in an effort to find some 6,900 voters who cast ballots illegally in the June 24 GOP primary runoff – an illegal vote would be from someone who had voted in the Democrat primary on the June 3 election date and then crossed over to vote in the Republican runoff on the 24th – has apparently been successful. At least, that’s what a tweet from GotNews.com’s Charles Johnson says…

Earlier today, the McDaniel campaign sent their legal counsel Mitch Tyner out for a press conference to announce they’re going to mount a legal challenge to the election result and that they have found evidence of election fraud in the race…

Meanwhile, Johnson posted a report at GotNews (it’s currently the second one from the top; just scroll) which makes for relatively interesting reading.

Johnson says, despite the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s statements that their involvement in the race was restricted to get-out-the-vote efforts in Rankin County, that NRSC paid for media buys on black radio stations. The ad in question…

“All Citizens For Mississippi” was tagged as the buying party for that ad. But there is no FEC disclosure for it so far.

What Johnson says is that the NRSC paid a firm called National Media Research, Planning and Placement $69,000 for “media” and another $13,000 for production, and that this was the ad which resulted and was placed on black radio stations in Mississippi…

He quotes Rick Shaftan of Mountaintop Media, who he says is a prominent media buyer working “extensively in the South,” as saying no NRSC ad ever aired in Mississippi. Shaftan was on AFR Radio earlier today as a guest to make the accusations, and what he said is worth listening to as a way of laying out a case for NRSC money to be essentially laundered to “All Citizens For Mississippi” to trash McDaniel as a racist in an effort to “expand the electorate” and bring black Democrats into a GOP primary to take an election out of the hands of a majority of Republican voters.

The radio interview…

Johnson’s report contains images of order forms signed by a media buyer named Jon Ferrell who works at National Media, though apparently Ferrell was placing some of these ads on behalf of a different firm called “American Media & Advocacy Group.”

Shaftan and Johnson call this whole episode a major FEC violation and Shaftan calls it criminal fraud.

We talked to a contact at the NRSC who denied any wrongdoing, and he sent us links to two ads National Media produced for the NRSC with the $82,000 the firm was paid.

Here was a TV spot which appeared on Cochran’s Facebook page…

And you can hear a radio spot the NRSC paid for here.

The NRSC says any media buys Ferrell may have made on black radio stations starring Ronnie Crudup on behalf of “All Citizens For Mississippi” would have been made for another client and not with NRSC funds.

Shaftan says the two “legit” spots NRSC paid for never made it on the air in Mississippi, and the money they spent with National Media paid for the Crudup ads.

Not being in Mississippi, we can’t say who’s right. Our readers in that state bombarded by campaign ads would have to tell us whether Shaftan is correct that the Cochran ads never ran, and by implication that the money for media buys went for the Crudup ads. If our Mississippi readers can confirm they saw or heard the “legit” NRSC ads, that would discredit Shaftan’s claims.

In the meantime, Cruz is the first sitting senator to break the “code of silence” about how Cochran conducted his runoff campaign, though we noted two weeks ago in an American Spectator column that there is dissension in the ranks over the campaign.

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