Together Baton Rouge Is Now Going To Alinskyize Public School Parents

We offer this, from an e-mail passed along to us by our spies…

Dear Friends,

Please help spread the word about this great opportunity for leadership and professional development for the right candidate.

For the first time in 2014, Together Baton Rouge is partnering with the Louisiana Delta Service Corps, an AmeriCorps organization in South Louisiana, to create an AmeriCorps position with our organization.

Not familiar with AmeriCorps? Here’s some background info.

The TBR AmeriCorps position will be for a Parent Organizer — a full time organizing position working to increase parent engagement and parent leadership to improve public education in Baton Rouge public schools.

If you know someone who may be interested in becoming an Americorps volunteer and would be interested in working with TBR as a Parent Organizer, please forward them this information.

Applicants should apply as soon as possible. Please note that site says that the deadline for applicants was July 7th, but the deadline is being extended through mid July.

The information on the TBR position of Parent Organizer is available here:

The information on how to apply is here:


Together Baton Rouge

We can say with some certainty that a bunch of public-school parents being organized along Industrial Areas Foundation lines will not produce improved performance in the East Baton Rouge Parish schools.

Giving those public-school parents the ability to conduct themselves as consumers in an educational marketplace would make for a pretty good chance of producing that improvement. But essentially unionizing and radicalizing the parents will not. Fomenting a grievance culture against a school system which is already seen as ungovernable and cannot hire qualified leadership as a result – and that’s the inevitable result of Together Baton Rouge’s hiring of a “Parent Organizer” – will only speed the destruction of that system.

But since we’re for completely blowing up the current public education model and bringing in a wide-open, no-holds-barred consumer marketplace in education where kids are as likely to be homeschooled or getting private or semi-private tutoring as they are to attend private or public schools…by all means, let’s have Parent Organizers. If they can serve as the Grim Reapers of obsolete, 19th-century style public education in Baton Rouge, so be it.

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