AMAZING VIDEO: Iron Dome Shoots Down 15 Hamas Rockets IN ONE BARRAGE

What you’re about to see is a miracle of technology. A miracle.

Specifically, it’s a video uploaded today to YouTube of a Hamas rocket attack in Israel. And amid the air-raid sirens, no less than 15 Qassam rockets approach a population center…only to be taken out by a single barrage from the Iron Dome system.

That is a miracle. It should not be taken for granted.

It’s not just a miracle. It’s an unmistakable sign of superiority of Western civilization. Because a Qassam rocket is nothing more than a cheap knockoff of a “dumb” missile invented decades ago by Western scientists, and now, with Iron Dome, another generation of Western scientists has demonstrated the ability to neutralize the effect of old Western technology.

Hamas, and their sponsors who can only borrow from the West without the ability to surpass or rival Western wherewithal, cannot build an Iron Dome. They can merely whine about the inequity of the Israelis having it while they do not. Until such a time as hand-me-down Western technology allows for them to have it, that is.

This is the imbalance which is produced when Israel invests in educating its children in mathematics, science, literature, philosophy. Hamas, meanwhile educates its children to put on suicide vests. And when Hamas is given concrete to build hospitals and schools and shopping malls and uses it to build underground tunnels through which to infiltrate Israel and blow up children or kidnap civilians, it’s no surprise the Palestinians find themselves at the mercy of a greatly superior opponent with whom they persist in making war.



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